Achieving the FIRSTs in the Information Sector, AKGUN Continues to Lead the Future with Artificial Intelligence Applications…
Publish Date: 06.10.2016 | Last Update Date: 16.02.2018


Technology Leader AKGUN Introduced the Artificial Intelligence Applications Developed for Industry 4.0 at the 5th Private Sector R&D Centers Summit. 

The 5th Private Sector R&D Centers Summit, organized by the General Directorate of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, was held at Congresium Ankara, ATO International Congress and Exhibition Center on 27-28 September.

Before the summit, the award ceremony held at the Presidential Complex hosted the Republic of Turkey’s Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Dr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekçi, Director of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Assoc. Prof. İlker Murat Ar, AKGUN Group Chairman Temel Akgün and many guests.

Minister Özlü spoke at the 5th Private Sector R&D Centers Summit held at the Presidential Complex of the Beştepe National Mosque Congress and Culture Center and stated that the change in technology and customer demands is both a threat and an opportunity and that this means an opportunity for those adapting to change but, threat to those failing to do that. Noting that they aim to increase the share of high-technology products in exports from 4 percent to 15 percent, Ozlu underlined that each sector should be prepared for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Following the award ceremony, the participants went to ATO International Convention and Exhibition Center for the opening of the summit. Opening the ceremony with the attendance of the protocol, Dr. Ozlü received information about the projects from the representatives of the organizations with R&D centers, AKGUN Group being in the first place, by visiting their stands, where they exhibit their products.

Among the companies operating the Health IT Sector, AKGUN Group, which has the FIRST and ONLY R&D Center certified by the T.R. Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, took place with the slogan “Explore Industry 4.0 with AKGUN Artificial Intelligence Applications” at the 5th Private Sector R&D Centers Summit organized in the coordination of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and under the auspices of the Presidential Office.

A number of officials including T.R. Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Mr. Faruk Özlü, visited the stand of AKGUN and received information on Computer Assisted Diagnosis in Lung X-ray Imaging, Computer Assisted Diagnosis in Mammography Imaging and AKGUN Artificial Intelligence applications that will bring reform to the health sector with AKGÜNNdlLocater signature. Setting its technology policy as “Who Else If Not Us”, AKGUN aims to increase technology volume and therefore added-value in all sales, including export, by developing artificial intelligence programmes in integration with Industry 4.0 in all its productions. In addition to specific products developed and modernization projects implemented at AKGUN, there are a number of projects implemented at the R&D Center with great variety including product development, research and technology development, process innovation, organizational innovation and conceptual works.

AKGÜN, continues to invest in expanding its current business portfolio with new projects and international collaborations in the framework of Turkey 2023 vision and developing unique products with the  acquisition of new technologies.

Since 2011, AKGUN, the registered R&D Center of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, has employed more than 510 R&D and support staff at the R&D Center.

Breaking the grounds thanks to early diagnosis   and preventive health projects in the national and international arena, our company;  has made a difference at the zenith with the Computer Assisted Diagnosis in Pulmonary X-ray Imaging,  ”AKGÜN X- Eye : Thorax ”, DICOM Compatible Breast Cancer Decision Support System “AKGÜN X- Eye: Mammo” and Keratoconus Disease Diagnosis and 3D Simulation of the Cornea After Cross-Bonding “AKGUN KnVision” artificial intelligence applications, AKGUN MobileANKA that brings the great power of corporate date together with the most advanced mobile technology of the world and its products that respond to global needs.

AKGUN Artificial Intelligence Products for INDUSTRY 4.0

AKGUN KnVision

With AKGUN KnVision method for “Diagnosis of Keratoconus Disease and 3D Simulation of Cornea after Cross-Linking Operation” a new classification approach was developed with statistical analyses for the diagnosis of keratoconus disease.  Keratoconus Disease:   It is a progressive collagen tissue disease, which is characterized by corneal sharpening and tapering and campering of the eye and thinning of the corneal tissue. Early diagnosis of the disease and choosing the treatment method suitable for the degree of the disease is of utmost importance.

“Diagnosis of Keratoconus Disease and 3D Simulation of Cornea After Cross-Bonding Operation”   system aims to increase the efficiency of  the specialist during the decision making process for the diagnosis and treatment process of the eye disease.

With the AKGUN KnVision, the post-operation condition of cornea can be predicted. Thus, it is possible to select the correct treatment method by predicting whether the selected treatment method is suitable for the cornea to be applied.

Our R&D product, AKGUN KnVision, which enables that knowledge at the universities are converted into product and transferred to industry, not only accelerates the treatment processes of the  keratoconus disease but also improves service efficiency and quality.

AKGÜN X-Eye: Mammo

Breaking a new ground in Turkey, AKGUN identifies the non-obvious areas for the radiologists by means of artificial intelligence based mathematical and statistical analyses methods developed on the mammography images in the X- Eye Mammon branded breast cancer  decision support systems and takes the sector one step further in the early diagnosis of the breast cancer.

Leading the powerful and innovative projects in the health sector, AKGUN continues to make a difference with this product; it is possible to identify the masses and calcification in the mammography images and also new approaches are offered to evaluate whether the relevant  anomaly is benign or malignant.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer, as in all cases of cancer, is also very important. Cancer survival rate is around 98% in case of early and regional diagnosis of cancer.

With this decision support system, by means of which our company led the way in Turkey, rate of early diagnosis of breast cancer is increased by combining the capability of the radiologist and power of computer.

What is AKGUN X-EYE TORAX Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CAD)?

With the development of the systematic computer assisted nodule detection system to detect the abnormalities to be overlooked by the radiologists in the lung X-ray images, to help the radiologist to establish a correct diagnosis and to provide second opinion support, we aimed to improve the quality of healthcare service provision by detecting the potential cancer cases.

We realized our project aimed for early diagnosis of cancer by identifying the areas or pathologies that are not obvious using the internationally accepted advanced imaging analysis and processing methods and artificial intelligence techniques.

What are the benefits of the system? 

  • to enable early diagnosis of lung cancer
  • to detect the anomalies that could be missed by the radiologist,
  • to reduce the misdiagnosis rate in the images and to raise the rate of correct diagnosis.
  • to help to establish the correct cancer diagnosis in the lung X-ray images,
  • to speed up the diagnostic process using the power of the computer,
  • to reduce the workload of the radiologists against the increasing imaging requests.

With this system developed by our company, detection of the nodules in the lung  and therefore early diagnosis of cancer is enabled to a great extent.


Our company put the AKGUN Mobile ANKA application, which is globally accepted using the international information and quality standards, on the market.

AKGUN Mobile ANKA offers properties together that increase employee performance, ensure more effective device and equipment management. You can carry all applications into mobile environment  thanks to this application.



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