AKGÜN, 148 days in 2012 Earmarks Education Day!
Publish Date: 23.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 15.11.2013

Group trainings AKGÜN running to success …

AKGÜN Group, since its inception in 1986, talked about every platform perpetuates the importance given to education, self- reliant, self, and emphasizes that his country intends to provide continuous education of individuals to advance.

The importance given to employees of the Group AKGÜN, training of staff, is dedicated to the personal development of the budget and time reveals. Quality policies AKGÜN employees, the company periodically receive training in accordance with the objectives and organizational needs. Training , process training , product training to customers , quality standards need to adapt training , personal development training , expertise, both internal resources as well as the types of trainings are conducted in outsourced . After performing online media measurement and evaluation AKGÜN Group staff development training followed, ensure that training is reflected in the business processes. Believes in the added value of education, as an indispensable part of development AKGÜN who, in 2012, dedicated to the training of staff of 148 working days. Education on the strengths of the group that AKGÜN independent auditors as well as the domestic and from abroad, have been identified by auditors audit purpose.

Temel AKGÜN Group Chairman for many years maintained a leading position in the industry that it is important that the values ​​given every opportunity to emphasize the most important trainings. AKGÜN country and to create added value , developing, changing, producing , AKGÜN is to move into the future with a team to accomplish success SUSTAINABLE AKGÜN Group training continues at full throttle …


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