AKGUN at the Zenith…
Publish Date: 13.12.2017 | Last Update Date: 23.02.2018


Results of the research conducted by BThaber for the top 500 informatics companies of Turkey have been announced.

AKGUN, settled at the zenith once more during the organization, at which top 500 companies of the Information and Communication sectors operating in the sector were announced.

The survey of the top 500 IT companies, which is the only comprehensive research in the field of information technology in Turkey, was conducted for the 18th time in this year. On behalf of the BThaber Group of Companies, the 500 largest IT companies of Turkey were announced in the Top 500 IT Companies Survey conducted by M2S Research and Marketing Services. The organization, which took place with the participation of NGO Presidents, public officials and members of the press as well as information sector executives, started with the opening speech of BThaber Group of Companies Chairman Murat Göçe. Göçe stated that more than 1000 companies operating in the information sector shared their data for this survey and emphasized that the results obtained provided data as highly reliable for the relevant departments of the public sector as for the companies operating in the information sector. Stating that they tried to choose a motto that complies with the trends and vision of the IT sector in this year, as the case for every year, Göçe continued as follows: “Under the information technologies caption, to see that all kind of innovation held a strong place in all scales of companies in terms of efficiency and benefit was a motivator for us to choose the motto “Information sector is taking its roots in the business sector”.In every year’s survey of the top 500 IT companies, we are bringing something new. In parallel to the motto of our survey, we have realized significant innovations in terms of information technology, which spread all over Turkey and are brought into life in all scales of companies.  We believe that this step we have taken for a Turkey developing with information technology and the new categories we have brought into life have great significance. ”

AKGÜN is at the zenith in the 18th year of the survey of the top 500 IT companies, which is a leading sectoral research in Turkey, in the R&D Investment category. 

As AKGÜN Group, our rise in the Informatics 500 continues every year. Turkey’s leading information and communication technology company, AKGUN broke the ground by receiving awards among the companies operating in the sector, under a total of 8 categories, namely Information Technologies, Manufacturer/Hardware/Software Based in Turkey, Sectoral Software Revenues, Sectoral Software Manufacturer Revenues and R&D Investor Company.

Developing a number of successful products and software and implementing large scale software and hardware projects in the field of health, education, local administration, defense, telecommunication, full automation in public and private sectors both at home and abroad for many years, AKGUN gives priority to offering state-of-the-art technology products and services to meet the needs of users in all corners of Turkey. 


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