AKGÜN Blood Collection System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013

kanalmasistemiBlood Donor Information System in the emergency room or hospitalized patients who purchases the blood , blood-collection time , the recording of which was received by the staff and also be called in the order of the barcode system that enables patients taking blood units. Implementation of the system is available in 2 different ways;

1. Units in the hospital getting blood sampling sequence, which records the time and personnel system.
2. Hand-held bar code readers for use in hospitalized patients received outpatient clinics with the staff that made the recording of samples and sample the system time.

Either the system is integrated with the HIS.

Drying the advantages of these systems;
-Hospital patients taking blood volume that is automatically HIS sequence from the read and queue management by nurses prevent confusion.
-Integration with HIS blood times, paired in relation to staff.
-Prevents the loss of manpower and time it relieves.
-Blood collection during the elapsed time of recording of information, such as waiting time, to evaluation of the performance of the personnel.


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