AKGÜN Consultant System in the Emergency Department
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013

acilservistekonsultantEmergency Services Consultation System, emergency department patients with other services requested consultations , consultation , and for making the call to a system which records information about the call . Call, pager, or phone call request with the staff reached. The system is recording all the information about the call, if the call is made on the telephone calls may be recorded if desired, and then relax. The system is integrated with HIS, patient information; doctor’s consultation is automatically information from HIS. HIS knowledge of every call made ​​to is automatically sent. The opening time of the call, which the service is opened, the person who initiated the call, so the call was made doctor consultation. Information is recorded. If you happened with the phone call, call time, phone status (busy, no answer, closed, etc.), speech recording, recording of the call is the closing time. These records and reports to the web interface can be accessed.

The advantages are as follows;
-When opening the pop-up calls, staff, and will be recorded as the time of closure, providing a more efficient and faster performance assessment.
-Call pager or after the call to the staff, consultation with the staff will make communication easier and faster.
-Phone calls made ​​through the recording of telephone conversations, will occur in the future be used as evidence in a legal case.
-That the integration of HIS, HIS calls to share information with the data automatically and quickly makes.


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