AKGÜN Digital Agency Solutions
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013

What is Digital Agency?

dijitalkurumDigital Agency, all of the processes occurring during operation in all kinds of data is transmitted electronically without the need for paper forms in the environment, stored and shared institution.

AKGÜN standards recognized throughout the world as we mature, we operate all organizational processes in electronic media. Processes that we have knowledge and experience in managing an organization may require in accordance with our clients we also offer all kinds of solutions.

All of the forms used in managing the organization’s internal processes, templates, and so on. Out of solution can manage the Quality Management System, feeds the unit / person / role / title can base. All papers, documents, and documents on the Electronic Document Management System can provide the concerned review and approval, revisions may follow, users have access to the information of the document review, and you can distribute controlled documents.

Processes are carried out during the operation of your training record and again and again, on behalf of Online Education Portal install access, training participants can conduct tests on the system in order to measure knowledge, identify passing grade, scores determine the degree of difficulty of the problems, automatically we will email you can access through the knowledge of participating in the exam.

Management of processes occurring during the data store to create institutional memory to processes, measurements within the scope of business intelligence to analyze and graphically can use to report on this issue could benefit from our solutions are there.

Software development is the automated unit tests written in your processes to run periodically , electronic access to the records of the test results , code review, you can guarantee the quality of products have access to the results .

In line with the strategic goals and objectives in different geographical areas in order to meet customers’ demands in the most appropriate way of supply, production and distribution of resources in the most effective and efficient planning, coordination and control of EC with ERP – CRM Business Management System solution can provide.


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