AKGÜN Human Resources Information Management System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


Public Sector Human Resources Management Project, the Ministry and their staff at the Headquarters level institutions will carry out follow-up and planning solutions. Personnel Records Tracker module and staff personnel, registration, educational, institution, such as a change in the registration information in accordance with the authorizations provided and update operations can be made of this information.

That are required to run the program within the institution is defined in the basic information of the personnel. Powerful parametric structure and organization specific requirements are easily met with the legislative changes.

The staff personnel, registration information, users can access within the powers given to them by the screen. Authorization is provided with the highest security. Authority necessary changes can be made easily. Password management structure can be controlled with a login access to the data based on these identifications can be made. The personality of each user’s private key system and the structure of the unit is running. System users, data entry, update, or delete operations database can be kept traces of them can be monitored.

Worker and Employee personal information is saved in a comprehensive manner and with various queries this information can be accessed at any time.

Automatically regulates the rights of the personnel annual leave. The staff uses the annual, reports, excuses, such as marriage permits, the remaining permits allow a variety of follow-up inquiries made ​​and can be easily obtained. Recording and monitoring of personnel making retirement pension approval certificate is removed. Units, staff personal files “File Room” functionality is provided by the party to make requests for files and archive requests are recorded. Units are done electronically monitoring the flow of documents between. Users are entitled to the documents of the proceedings, allowing the units.

Staff assignment module to assign personnel, taking into account the status of the processes of appointment to be provided by the legislation. Assign to assign the request of the staff of the squad, on the demand of relevant units (staff, personnel, registration, legislation, hidden registry) to be approval and assignment of personnel under the authority of such transactions are recorded and the user is queried. The basis of information in the registry file motion unit – title – class implementation of any follow-up actions, reports and forms are created by making a recording.

Squad module positions within the Agency staff followed up with a skill book, REDUCTIONS – allocation, cancellation is made – established procedures for the realization of Operations, castings taken module. Also at risk assignment, transactions and correspondence necessary for the cast samples prepared. Functioning, taking into account the positions of marks required qualifications required by the legislation to be recorded into the book , the first time after the beginning of the staff occupying these squads matching of operations in accordance with the assignment of a promotion marks the realization of movements , each treatment and the book will be the last state in the form of castings for

• Staff Offer
• Staff Transfer Operations ( REDUCTIONS , Allocation )
• Cancel – established Operations Squad

We will assign personnel to be assigned by entering information about the assignment of staff assignment and the assignment of the request for approval to take the relevant units       ( staff, staff Records , Regulatory, Hidden Records ) has been informed of the screen.

Termination Module with on-site personnel within the institution, by opening each employee severance card information is kept on these cards, 657DMK’nun 64, 65,66,67,68 A, 68B, 37th addition to the ingredients and Law No. 18 of 5434 Stage and grade are provided in accordance with Article to Promotions.

By identifying the applicable law under Article personnel during the dates specified bulk or individual that has a strong structure promoted to operations. Moreover the promotion of employment termination board, the staff and service certificate is automatically processed and integration registry file is provided.

The staff is protected from a high level of knowledge up to date. DMK 657 in accordance with Article 36 to Service Evaluation Procedures and approvals and correspondence concerning the calculation is performed automatically.

Secret Records Module in accordance with the DMK 657 note given to the personnel record information and as a result recorded a positive or negative record the questioning, not to determine the quality and quantity of staff, with 37Md. Due to the register of the staff to be promoted to the positive identification required by the relevant departments to provide information on this issue performed. In short, the personal file recording and monitoring, follow up the positive and negative registers record and follow up with the goods declaration, this module can be used effectively.

Discipline and dismissal legislation entitled DMK.657 module with the provisions of Section 125-145 of the Prosecution and civil servants on the … Judicial and Administrative investigations conducted pursuant to Law under the steps and follow-up of the sentences where the information is stored , as well as a result of a change in the judgment against the applicant or any other reason, the staff and the administration to follow the proceedings were recorded and provided information on

All units vacant positions due to promotion in position on the module and the institution of the staff of the institution, application, evaluation, training, examination procedures to follow to obtain the necessary documents are provided. Applying for promotion in position on the staff and the institution of the basic information units by pulling the system, without additional processing, application and evaluation processes and procedures are followed by entries made ​​.

Budget – payment module is monitoring the transactions related to the budget and appropriations. Provisional duties, domestic allowances, temporary assignments abroad are arranged allowance done. Advance payment, advance payments are provided to operations such as shutdown.


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