AKGÜN Kiosk Registration and Information
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 26.12.2013


Learn about the world any longer , perform any application , make a reservation or even to take the money to buy the ticket kiosks are commonly used. Kiosks located in our lives so much technology in our hospitals and all public institutions /agencies and improve the efficiency of time and personnel to approach the critical point. A system composed of a PC and a touch screen kiosk. KIOSK institution with the help of the device can see the information, you can select the actions you can perform in the institution and you can easily take the consequences of your actions.

Operating System: When user swipe the card to the KIOSK screen, the user automatically recognized by the system. User can rapidly access the services carried out institution on the system screen that designed custom to the institution.


Waiting in the queue for registration, confusion arises.
The registration process is completed in a period of no more than 2 seconds. Saves time.
It will be used in places where the staff can be utilized more effectively.
The user does not have to queue to get the result of their processes.
There is no need to keep an extra printer to give a result.
For people without Internet environment provides ease of operation enables customers to receive all relevant results.
Easy portability, low cost and compact footprint of establishment anywhere, because of possibility.


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