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Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


Inputs, outputs, and the trail is important, it is important locations (hospitals, offices, factories, hotels, etc.) Used in the control system. Where it comes to personnel and fixtures have been used for the control of movements.

Development of technology, RFID systems are now engaged in identifying persons and material entering the building where the object of interest by buyers to be deployed in certain places, clearly reveals. Comes immediately to determine the location of the system in case of need and mobile devices that enables the provision of rapid access. In the same way that the staff of the building where you are, and where they spent the time could be discovered very easily. In the hospital to identify the place where the patients, a fall can be used for immediate intervention in such cases.

Access control system where employees, which is an excellent way to ascertain the times reported. Building access control system that prevents unauthorized entries and video observation, intrusion, fire systems, a complete technological solution. Location tracking system to a computer by recording the movements of all the entry and exit checks. Who and when required, or which device reports a case in which entry and exit through the door to the competent forwards.

Why Location Control System?

• Providing quick access to the devices
• Staff supervision of entry and exit time, the recording of
• Work to prevent loss of power, increasing efficiency
• convenience of technology has provided
• Easy to use to provide
• Complete a safety
• Centralized management and monitoring.
• External and internal theft reduction

System Uses:

All types of public and private institutions, companies, factories, commercial buildings, offices, warehouse, Special Sections, Lifts, Sites, Plazas, hotels and so on. Applied.

The advantages of the System:

To register to receive access to one of the most important activities (logging), and reporting. So who’s after an incident in which areas, and this is where the legal issues can be determined easily and quickly create a solution.

System working principle:

System working principle is based on a solid foundation is quite simple. Location detection system, personnel or equipment owned RFID tag / identity cards is determined through. RFID receivers are placed in the appropriate fields in the building. The object at the location specified on the input and output are used in determining the recipients of RFID.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and the “Radio Frequency Identification and Identity”

RFID technologies, with the help of radio frequency identification utility objects or living things. Active / passive RFID tags used in identification of objects or living things. 125 to 134 KHz LF, HF 13.56MHz, UHF 865-868 MHz and 2.45 GHz are used in systems running on different frequencies.

RFID Çalışma Prensibi

Sistem Komponentleri

1.RFID Label

RFID tag, an RFID chip set with the appropriate application and capacity taking into account the challenges that the working conditions (temperature differences, chemicals, pulses) coating chips more powerful and stronger antenna adapted to work in difficult conditions.

• Passive Tag
• Semi-passive tag
• Active Label


2. RFID Antenna

RFID antennas, issued a radio frequency chip on the label by the result of the reflection of the reader antenna transmit the information on the label. Antennas power, reading, shape (linear, circular) and a reading area (away from the area of reading, reading near field) are found in different models.

3. RFID Reader

RFID reader antenna transmits signals from the application layer, in accordance with specific protocols. Although the handheld terminal is available in the form of fixed RFID readers readers. RFID antenna is integrated in handheld terminals. RFID readers can be connected to the antenna 1-4. RFID readers, antennas connected to the powers can be adjusted separately.

4. Middleware Application

RFID reader with the most important element of the application and system architecture, which runs between the Middleware Application (Middleware) all reader management, knowledge management, and read the label antenna, performs management operations. Reader reading method on the network configuration , the antenna settings , perform , such as reading to determine which antenna and which are performed by the reader middleware application can perform many operations . RFID Middleware Application protocol is based on the most important issue here. Each reader has its own protocol and working in accordance with this Protocol, middleware architecture. As a result of rapid development of RFID technology all over the world, but a standard set by the EPC and RFID readers LLRP (Low Level Reader Protocol) was adopted as the underlying protocol. If the LLRP RFID application in accordance with the LLRP compliant enhanced system may include the reader and do not need any changes in your application. However, any reader application is developed in accordance with its own protocol to include in this system, and then readers must be in the same brand. LLRP RFID applications must be requested and will be established as a necessity considering the developments in systems designed to live in the future.


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