AKGÜN Supply Management System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


Procurement Management System, as the name suggests, the first request will be made in the organization needs , demands the evaluation by the management , market research, purchase and examination acceptance processes up to, track and manage requirements from start to finish, while performing a process , has been proposed as a solution that you can watch . KIK these processes carried out in the legislation (the Public Procurement Law) was based on the meaning of and meets the needs of public institutions in this respect.
One of the major weaknesses of the process, the management of information systems is that the remote systems. Manually performing a remote process management systems only provide jobs to move to electronic media, electronic media to keep up with your work are distant from the actors, especially in processes, there is an absolute necessity for gathering information into the hands of people.
Product; education institutions have a separate system that can be installed and commissioned in a structure that can be integrated with other systems. So institutions, which already have a claim on an information systems have been used in the mechanism if they want to be able to integrate TYS.
Inventory Management Module purchasing an existing process or terminated by sending the necessary integration of the product will be provided.
TYS ; document to form a word document in MS Office and Open Office products you manage content provides a very flexible structure . Data is automatically generated templates come on; formal edits allow you to make an unlimited way.
TYS; supply management processes to archive documents that were created at the same time will also help in the process incorporates a solution. TYS, data is transmitted to the electronic environment of processes generated documents in the file storage layout offers.

Procurement Management System, the Public Procurement Act 4734 and 4735 by purchasing units in accordance with the Public Procurement Contracts Law tenders, direct procurement, framework agreement, individual contract and the acceptance inspection of all screens to be able to complete all phases of operations are available.

As of December 2008, and published in the Official Gazette No. 5812, which entered into force in stages with the Public Procurement Law Amending the Law on Public Procurement Contracts with all the changes contained in the Act includes changes to the implementing regulations.

Also AKGÜN Supply Management System, it operates according to the structure of the Public Hospitals Association. It offers users the convenience of consolidated budget features.


Obtained directly from the supply management system, open tender, the tender negotiated procedure (21 / b, c, f and 21 / a, d, e, taking into account the differences in operational paragraph), framework agreements and individual contracts can be examined with all the stages of acceptance procedures.

Wish Lists and Needs;

• With this module units in the purchase request / claim forms can now remove. Unit purchase requests with the authorities of the requested user name and password will give to be able to enter Module ‘. The demands made by users request may be rejected or the process of buying Assessment screens can be evaluated. The requesting user is authorized to request the evaluation results are visible screens.

• If you are used Akgün HIS automation, integration of the requested module is ready to TYS. The units need to be made ​​after the approval of the administrator requests is ready to purchase units in the list.

• Working with HIS AKGÜN, registered the company, material, personnel information is also possible to transfer the entire Supply Management System module.

• Two options are available under open tender or purchase file. Create a list of the need to open the file after running approximately in order of cost allocation can continue operations, such as the requirement list is completely independent of any file can be calculated by determining the cost of approx. This list is created in the next step will be matched with the desired file.

• Inter-agency operational differences from source files directly in one stage or two-stage procedure can be performed. So not only research the market price (one-stage) or the approximate cost of the research, as well as the market price survey (two-stage) to prepare the file as possible.

• All types of tenders and the standard forms are used and published by the Public Procurement Authority is possible to print on screens. Automatically displays the information entered will be drawn on standard forms and information will be available.

• Standard forms outside the institutions themselves, their companies or with other institutions, a letter of authorization, to ask about the cost and price to market price, research papers and so on. Correspondence produced by the program.

• All standard forms, and correspondence templates as a Word document is printed and the user wants to allow for the change. Besides the standard forms and correspondence as the second choice is a part of the EXCEL WORD document can also be printed. This condition does not impose the obligation to be installed on your computer; Microsoft Office has yet to be installed in any Office program.

• Standard forms linked to parameters other than the contents of the correspondence. Using the parameters you want to set and shape the content of this correspondence in your hands.

Approximate Cost;

• The approximate cost is automatically calculated by the program.
• The approximate cost of the use of other methods of calculating the final figure is calculated only in case there is the possibility to continue with the program by entering the transactions.
• The approximate cost of the research stage companies charge for the template created firms as possible to send e-mail.


• Calculated the approximate cost of the tender files, controlled by program mandatory qualification documents requested from those who discretionary ones and the screen automatically reflected unwanted.
• The tender period for the files specified by law regarding certain stages warning and control, based on the approximate cost of the tender announced times, checks on the number and types, controls related to participation in the tender, the tender will not continue firms have been disqualified by checks on the program automatically maintained.

• In our program “Holidays “screen is controlled with the holidays and weekends or public holidays arrive procurement risk is eliminated.

• Organize items in the budget of our institutions and the amounts of these items can be transferred using the template in the EXCEL program. A result of the completion of the file “File Finish” when the process is done the tidiness of purchase will be deducted from the amount transferred to the budget, the budget and the budget will be updated automatically by the program.

• The program is transferred to the budget currently be downloaded again (as the template excel) also provided the opportunity.

• The date of receipt of any item previously, the company, the price you can get using software such as statistical data.

Archive your files;

After completion of the tender or purchase transactions in the file in the file and require a wet signature and archiving of all documents can be scanned and the installation program in certain formats.

This stage lasted transactions technical specifications, writings, etc. from the companies complained permits the storage of documents and these documents are loaded into the file.
In this case, any damage occurring in the files, tear, loss of documents required in such a case will be writable accessing documents electronically.

The stress of a busy day, the program is user-friendly interface in order to obtain the color of the eye strain also provides the opportunity to be edited. Six color options are available.
Procurement Management System, which is open source code as the technical infrastructure of the software architecture based on Java basics. This program has been developed with Web 2.0 technology enables users to use the web browser-independent.

JAVA programming language used in the development of the supply management system. The Spring Framework Java technologies, Web MVC Spring MVC and Hibernate ORM are used as the interface design is accepted by a large audience for the ExtJS JavaScript libraries used. In addition to the skeleton of the program interface, custom JSP tag libraries TYS written and supported by these libraries to design. The best way to meet the needs of the software worked with experts and software requirements documents created in this context.

Open Office infrastructure also used. Akgun Software library for electronic documents Open Office documents on the management of the infrastructure for its library project created and used as the TYS.

Thus, the dynamic forms of documents provided integration. Program MVC (Model View Controller) architecture -story structure is sited on the use of all the advantages to the end. This provides great flexibility for the development of the program.

So while TYS database-independent, although with Oracle Database uses its standard. In addition, the database program will use the institution to its corporate structure. This is an institution, the institution will retain the data within their terms of data security is of great importance.

Ensures an Excel or Word documents out of TYS. If requested, the reports “pdf” as the emergence can be achieved. If these features are realized by using Open Office. The program using the template in Word or Excel document, information is automatically reflected in the content – . Provides us with the opportunity to make changes to the templates. This allows use in a dynamic structure, and the privatization of the reports.


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