Enterprise System Solutions
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


Akgün, aims to increase the productivity of enterprise solutions using the best technology.

This also necessitates the existence of infrastructure that can provide this technology. Here is the technology that will allow the management of a large number of enterprises IT Component difficult upgrade inefficient in terms of both the structure and the high costs of capacity utilization can be obtained.

Akgün, this technology is an important component of the portfolio will meet the needs of both hardware and software-based solutions to our customers in the Server, Client, and UMPC products offer the highest level of service quality. This service quality and wide range of products, as a product of the synergy created with the world’s leading brands provide.

• Server Solutions
• Data Storage Solutions
• Data Backup Solutions

Server Solutions

Akgün, in accordance with the needs of all kinds-sized companies, the choice of hardware is appropriate, certified staff of experts in the field provides hardware installation and configurations done. The entry-level datacenter hardware systems provide a wide range of services.

Akgün server solutions offered by organizations with the following benefits:

• Operational cost reduction,
• Easy manageability
• Low energy consumption
• Continuous business continuity
• High performance

Data Storage Solutions

Akgün , measurable corporate clients and high-performance for all business critical data applications, data storage solutions. Our solutions optimize the management of areas of the disk, and the backed-up the performance of critical applications intended to run.

Data Backup Solutions

Development of a robust and reliable storage of data for all systems represents an essential part. Accurate elevation data non-backing up, Severity non-backing up or loss of data that may occur in case the system can cause serious harm. For this reason, too much emphasis on corporate firms shows that the backup process.

Akgün needs of enterprise data solutions for the world’s leading manufacturing companies.


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