GIANT Software by AKGUN for Nakhichevan Naxtel 4G GSM Operator (September 2016, TRT Avaz)
Publish Date: 01.11.2016 | Last Update Date: 06.11.2016


AKGÜN Added One More Field of Activity to its Activities with the Naxtel 4G GSM Operator Project, which is a Precursor in Nakhichevan…

The project with an approximate investment of ten million dollars will provide GSM service for Nakhichevan in the first stage and to other regions of Azerbaijan and nearby countries.

In the opening ceremony held on 25 October 2016 with the attendance of Mr. Temel AKGUN, Chairman of AKGUN Software, which puts its signature under the projects increasing the brand value of Turkey in the global arena, Naxtel 4G GSM Operator Software Systems, which are shown among the most special telecommunication projects in the world, and our TELCO Project, which bring innovation in the telecommunication sector, were introduced.

GSM Operator Project developed with the support of the Communication and New Technologies Ministry in Nakhichevan Sovereign Republic of Azerbaijan was realized by AKGUN.

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