In Turkey for 27 years, 7 years in leading position in Software Company AKGÜN nations’ rolls.
Publish Date: 23.01.2014 | Last Update Date: 15.11.2013

Turkey’s first hospital to realize AKGÜN Automation System, history and products, has added a strong need to be served by the accumulation of years of experience in the number of hospitals and hospital that serves both magnitudes Health Sector leader. In Turkey, the highest number since its inception over a quarter century of Healthcare IT company serving institution AKGÜN ‘roll.

Range of products to meet all the requirements of an institution with a variety of products and the latest technology products from leading AKGÜN abroad, “Multi-Agency Serving the Healthcare IT Firm” title for many years and will continue to protect and maintain due to the location.

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AKGÜN the pearl of the industry , a huge team of 500 staff unions and public hospitals , public hospitals , family medicine, hospitals, university hospitals , university hospitals, municipalities , oral and dental health centers, specialty hospitals, education and research hospitals , pulmonologist hospitals , physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, ministries and others to serve a total of 403 institutions . There are also a significant number of hospitals abroad. All of our products have multi-language support.

Given the size of this industry and continuously improve services and every day to be worthy of the name not satisfied with the current situation AKGÜN, standardization continues to be a candidate in the new standards and processes. This AKGÜN’s position at the top of the industry supports.


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