Producing and Using Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions at the World Scale, AKGUN Continues to Make Difference in the Global World with the New Generation Cloud Technologies…
Publish Date: 01.02.2017 | Last Update Date: 15.02.2018

New Generation Cloud Systems from AKGUN…

New Era from AKGUN: Efficiency and Business Continuity Among the Clouds…

New Generation Technology inside the Cloud…

As the users of the devices with our present day technology wants to store more personal data and data every day, storage capacity may cause significant problems. At the same time, properties, capacities of the devices increase day by day.   Prices of computers, notebooks and netbooks and portable smart devices increase as their technologies and capacities increase. Showing itself as a solution to all these problems, Cloud Technology is defined as the software applications on the web, data storage service and processing capacity. All kinds of information, personal data are accessible at any place and time even with a device with the lowest capacity. For all these processes, a multi-server connection by means of a digital web is realized. Three building blocks of AKGUN Cloud Technology are SaaS (Software as a Service) –providing the software as a service; PaaS (Platform as a Service) –platform service and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)-server infrastructure service.

AKGUN, decreases the load of the personal computer using the cloud technology, and applications in various numbers are provided by the cloud server. In general, the users are not willing to download the applications to their computers. All procedures and storage are provided by the cloud system. With the storage of all applications, programmes and data on the web on a virtual machine, namely on cloud, this information, programmes and data may be easily accessible at any location with a device connected to internet.

Advantages of AKGUN Cloud Technology:

  • Cloud communication systems enable rapid ease of use by means of APIs,
  • It provides such advantages as more storage area, rapid data transfer and cost saving on this back-up,
  • Archiving of continuously increasing data eliminates the infrastructure chaos caused by the authorization and follow up of the users,
  • As the cloud technology software is operated on the web browsers, platform dependency is reduced with the use of computer, tablet, smart phone and Smart TVs,
  • Servers, where the data of the companies provided cloud service, are safer than the main computer as they are protected 7/24 with the necessary measures in terms of software and hardware.

‘AKGUN Cloud’ provides the user with endless advantages. With the transition to cloud environment, advantages are obtained in terms of time, cost, labor and a number of other resources. AKGUN started to reinforce a number of solutions provided on the field for the time being with “Cloud”. We can offer all kinds of cloud services such as portal applications, business intelligence reporting, mobile applications, hospital applications, disaster recovery or remote back up and provide infrastructure opportunities in the cloud environment.

AKGÜN Cloud helps organizations to improve innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering their costs, and reducing IT complexity.

Reinforcing compliance with the cloud standards as a result of their collaboration with Oracle, AKGUN offered the cloud products at the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.


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