Publish Date: 26.05.2014 | Last Update Date: 13.06.2014

Leader in the field of corporate application and software, AKGÜN added a new activity to its technology activities with AKGÜN Summit…

Increase in the added value and effectiveness provided to institutions by AKGÜN Technology solutions was brought up to the agenda at AKGÜN Summit.  At the activity held with the attendance of our Coordinators, Managers and Sales Team, Field Personnel, Software Support Personnel and Solution Partners working inside and outside Turkey, success stories of AKGÜN integrated with innovative solutions were shared. AKGÜN Summit was held at AKGÜN Plaza Conference Hall on 17-18-19 May.

AKGÜN, which is a leader in the field of corporate application and software in Turkey, shared its information technologies granting competitiveness, effectiveness, profitability and innovation to the Public institutions and agencies and its solutions accelerating work processes with a large-scale agenda.

Temel AKGÜN, Chairman of AKGÜN, made the opening speech at the Summit, which began with the stand-in-silence accompanied by the Turkish National Anthem. Mr. AKGÜN continued his speech as follows: “AKGÜN, which is a leader in the field of corporate applications and software, continues to offer solutions providing innovation, effectiveness, competitiveness and saving for the institutions in Turkey with its experience more than 28 years. Institutions grow with the information technologies eliminating boundaries and move forward for a better future increasing their competitiveness with the innovative solutions. We are happy to continue to hold the Technology Summit, where we introduce information technology solutions created with this vision, annually. We hosted approximately 300 guests at the event with the attendance of our solution partners in addition to our software support personnel, field personnel, sales team and managers working inside and outside Turkey. We are here, at the AKGÜN Summit, to evaluate the new business models required by our customers to achieve their goals and sustain their growth and to find out how they can become different from their competitors with the information technology investments. We will continue to develop technologies and projects providing effectiveness, profitability and competitiveness for the institutions.”

At the special event held at AKGÜN Plaza, a number of topics were addressed within the scope of the introduction of applications and new projects steering the future goals of the institutions, to raise awareness. The presentations of new business models and interactive applications required by our customers to achieve their corporate goals and sustain their informatics investments were among the remarkable topics at the AKGÜN Summit to inform the participants about how to render competition different.  With the presentations made by our R&D, Support and Sales Coordinatorships, participants enjoyed the opportunity to know AKGÜN Group and its products better.

Aiming and achieving to provide a better and more qualified service for its Customers, AKGÜN presented its solutions and business processes based on innovation to the participants in an interactive environment.

Parallel sessions were held, demands and suggestions were received and views were exchanged within the scope of the Summit that was held with the attendance of the solution partners of AKGÜN aiming continuous quality and customer satisfaction in service provision and where the success stories of the customers were presented and a platform to exchange between the stakeholders was established.

As AKGÜN Group, we would like to thank to our participants for showing the courtesy of attendance and honoring us, to our solution partners for all kinds of contribution they have made and to the employees of AKGÜN software and personnel assigned for their extraordinary performance and self-devotion.



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