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Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 02.11.2013


Internship , internship students During the phase of theoretical knowledge acquired during the academic knowledge and skills developed by actively participating in the studies , the profession is an important first step in the process they shouted .

Information is often theoretical knowledge acquired in school, students read a certain sources written on the subject, but try putting into practice the information they have acquired suffer. Although some of the chapters presents a number of laboratory studies students and students a chance to practice, even though class to pass information from the doomed to be forgotten after a while. If the internship while studying in college students still are fresh to practice information and offers the opportunity to demonstrate the application of this information .

Akgun Software theoretical knowledge learned in the implementation phase of the younger generations at this point, the industry’s largest supporter of transport. Interns see as their employees, by providing knowledge and skills to play an active role in the processes has the advantage that potential.

Undergraduate Students Summer Internships

University summer internship application process started / ended. Until the second week of June, the applicant will be notified via e-mail the results of the evaluation to all students.

Application Period is finished; XXX list of students who are admitted for summer internships can be found here.

Our company will do an internship in Ankara Center students, /…. / 201 … plaza which will be held on “Orientation “participation in the program is required. Plaza address you can access the following link.

Our company will do an internship outside the center of Ankara, students, /…. / 201 … plaza which will be held on “Orientation “program participation can be …. / … / …. Date to be required to provide information regarding their participation.
…. / …. / 201 … plaza which will be held on “Orientation “program

At 09:00 in the morning will begin at 17:00 pm and in the end.

Training related to other business and operations may be contacted at akgun.ik @

TOBB- ETU University Internship Program
Vocational High School Students Internship Program

End of Training Measurement and Evaluation

At the end of the internship period of students, internship reports submitted by the HR Unit and the assessments of the potential labor force of our company are the database. Technology with passion approaching, perform creative work, we believe the potential is interns have the opportunity to work with us in the future.

Training Advantage Brings in Akgün

– Employment and Career Management,
– Taking an active role in Software Projects ,
– Personal Development ,



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