Week of Fight against Cancer in April 1 to 7
Publish Date: 23.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 18.12.2013

Cancer Week of April 1 to 7, hence AKGÜN Plaza in Cancer Awareness ” on 2 April 2013 conference was held. Akgün Plaza Foyer hall Conference held in Mr. Mesut KOÇAK Keçioren Training and Research Hospital, his doctors enlightened the participants with valuable ideas. KOÇAK, speech on the subject,” said cancer is a preventable disease showed smoking as the major cause of the disease. Healthy diet and genetic factors is effective in cancer caught,” he said.

After KOÇAK’s speech, Mr. Chairman Temel AKGÜN, ” the provision of public awareness about cancer and the development of public awareness of effective methods in the fight against cancer is one of the most important. AKGÜN as a group, social responsibility projects in all areas of society in which the various seminars organized by the importance we attach to human health aware register the task,” he said.

After the speeches, the participants emphasized the importance of a healthy diet and a healthy diet of fruit to make a brochure distributed…


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