AKGÜN Clinical Assistant
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


Health institutions in recent years, we are all assumed to have taken all the processes that can be managed digital environment has become a status.

Akgün Clinical Assistant product, integrated with HIS, HIS aims to move the process to the mobile environment is a set of special software and hardware. That is Clinical Assistant tablet devices installed through the hospital staff (doctors, nurses, etc.). Too easily and comfortably seeing patients in clinics and departments will be able to determine the diagnosis , diagnoses , diagnostic assignments as the main diagnosis can , if necessary, medication , supplies , laboratory tests analysis of the process of examination of the application , such as health care workers and provides many conveniences .

Clinical Assistant medical procedures thanks to a simple and user-friendly interface help finalizing to include at least the input. Data entries are predefined for frequently used text and displays the items to be added to facilitate the use of, and they are also just a few clicks thanks to the information required by the user using the virtual keyboard can record HIS side. But also large -sized screens more than short lists and understandable user interface components (buttons, text fields, fonts, etc.). The use of these processes makes it possible to quickly complete. With the menu in the upper right corner of the application that you can access at any time ability transitions between screens quickly.

Image, Sound and note features of the patient’s complaint through the staff, diagnosis, treatment plan, order, etc. Can record both audio and visual information, such as. These recordings can then be examined by other personnel will help you make a more informed of the progress of the patient in a short time.

Application to operate mobile tablet devices to run the application, or any 3G or WiFi connection is only HIS network to be connected to networks should be sufficient. With this feature daily patient treatment plan from the staff at any given medication and the examination, diagnosis, laboratory results, and also to follow the PACS radiology images of patients with IC module will have access to a mobile environment.

AKGÜN Clinical Assistant tablets, nearly all of the most advantage of the other products available on the market to be installed, said that the application iOS, Android, Blackberry Tablet OS, and Windows operating systems. Without the need for high-cost medical devices in the hospital employees are using tablets daily download on this application and will be able to track the status of patients from home or anywhere.


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