AKGÜN Electronic Document Management System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 11.11.2013


Electronic Document Management system based on systematic management and archiving of documents, certain subjects.

Both the quality policies and objectives of the companies, as well as complex technical documents, papers and documents in the company of a very busy traffic increase. This is in heavy traffic, the document’s content, validity, reviews the current status of the revision of fleeing and leads to errors.

EBYS system was developed with the aim to eliminate such errors, all the document management allows you to ensure the accessibility of the document with the computer environment.

• Any document / document certain systematic (TSE 13298) managed by
• Dynamic digital archiving and the provision of effective access to the document requested.
• Prevent loss of paper and time.
• Long-term, high material gain.
• From the lack of human and environment, safety and maintenance troubleshooting.
• Traceable, transparent and democratic management of the business.
• Archive for the growing needs of the elimination of the physical space. Financial gain in the short term.
• Establishment of institutional memory.
• E – signature technology, the adoption of modern management approach.

Access Control and Security

• The document, folder, serial areas and rope access rights can be defined, the user system access based on MAC address can be provided
• Captcha / image verification function, the user or IP blocking an incorrect entry, the maximum invalid access control, password and session time-out to determine the level of safety and security measures can be wide-ranging
• LDAP integration can be achieved.

• Digital archive and file classification plan management
• Organizational structure and user management
• TUBITAK-approved e – signature, initials and timestamp support
• Graphical and detailed reporting
• Storage Plan Management
• Electronic document registration
• Improved referral options
• Access control and security
• Gifted search engine
• Workflow design and management
• E – mail integration
• Discrete Signature Technology
• Built-in rich text editor
• Known file formats, advanced imaging tool
• Warning system
• Mandate system
• Calendar module


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