AKGÜN Family Medicine Information System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


Citizens living in our country on the basis of the application of Family Medicine Health policy decision-makers in order to help create the database “DATA SYSTEMS SOFTWARE” had been used for this purpose by the Ministry of Health “ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD DATABASE” (ESC) was established standards in this area was prepared and issued on the transmitting.

After the release of these standards guiding the Ministry of Health of the Family Medicine Information System software by having the leading role in this regard, and given the use of Family Physicians fulfilled. Later in the Family Medicine Information System software developed by commercial organizations have been launched on the market.

Akgün Computer of us at the FMIS software started to develop since April 2009, and so far we’ve made available for use by completing the process of the software. FMIS software available on the market when it comes to the capabilities of other actors AKGÜN were compared AKGÜN always first and foremost in the software market in Turkey and work experience in a wide service network has always been proud of us. Here, first of the entire user -friendliness of the strength and support we received (user friendly) to perform a software, the user wishes to respond as soon as possible. Family Medicine set out to contribute to the advancement and diffusion of the application.

FMIS software application is made ​​at the final point we have reached today AKGÜN

1. Turkey, in so far as the database software is software that uses a single ORACLE database.
2. Recalling the day starts with a list of business software to the user, and the user during the opening day implementation of the business plan helps ease.
3. Giving warning message during the opening FMIS AKGÜN family physician and recalls the missing fields.
4. The software user is doing through the menus or during operations due to a database and software features offers fast switching.
5. Ministry of Health of the software required by the user form, ease of use, allowing the user to save time by preparing the document and ensures that Notebooks .
6. The software that makes family physician examination, in addition to the required standards by the Ministry of Health during the follow-up services needed by the physician to make the records and documents print to these records gives opportunity.
7. Software, the user enters the data in each field and then challenges the areas of reporting and statistical purposes offers a flexible query structure.
8. In the Ministry of Health’s “ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD DATABASE “(ECOSOC), the implementation of which will enable ships to transfer data seamlessly available.
9. Software which is the standard set by the Ministry of Health “National Health Data Dictionary (version 1.1 when it is requested) ” as defined in the Minimum Health Data Sets      ( MSVS ) is capable of sending data to smooth the data fields .

Family doctor http://sbu.saglik.gov.tr/sbahbs/ can learn from.
Federation of Associations of Family Physicians (AHEF): http://www.ahef.org.tr/Anasayfa.aspx
Ministry of Health of Family Medicine Home Page: http://www.ailehekimligi.gov.tr/



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