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Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 14.11.2013


Corporate Training Policy

-Needed to determine the training and development issues, organize, and analyze the effects on the labor force feedback applications,

-Training programs in accordance with the concept of corporate culture , customer-oriented thinking, quick to make decisions and implement analytical , dynamic, enterprising and successful in human relations , team spirit and the ability to work with a staff of compatible strategies include educating Akgün structure ,

-Covered training needs of the staff ,

-Increasing success in the industry as one of the main factors owned the knowledge, skills , competencies.

-In-house and external training of existing staff resources, competence, motivation, and increase efficiency,

-To achieve long-term corporate objectives and therefore believe that assumes an important role in human resource training and development of the labor force is based on attention.

Corporate Training Process

Education; individuals have undertaken or will undertake future tasks more efficient, higher quality, more efficiently carry out their professional knowledge and skills that will enable a more rational expression, supporting personal development, increasing the power of thought, ego defeat that adds value to all employees for training is the most effective tool. Institutions, the value are the winner. This is why TRAINING postponed, cannot be ignored, and cannot be substituted.

Akgün given to each employee recruited by HR and Corporate Orientation begins the adventure of the educational process. Starting a new employee to work two (2) months in the trial period, the Project Manager, Unit Managers, HR through an intensive job training and adaptation to be completed within the shortest time.

All employees have received as a result of the survey results generated in accordance with the Strategic Education Plan is determined annually Inner Source and Outsourcing trainings.

Internal Resource trainers they have received the “Training” Training with the areas of knowledge and experience him, added that Certificate. Training Outsourcing is still one of the pioneers in the field of industry experts.

Equipped with latest technology in the building sector, which continues to gain momentum AKGÜN, each floor of the building, using the advantage of the educational process in a meeting and seminar hall plaza AKGÜN multiple employees at the same time able to provide some training.

However, the use of information technologies in the educational process Akgün, the staff at the other end of the world with the online training tutorials held camera, sound, video, and at the same time is able to offer remote desktop.

Education Portal was created with the all the trainings are offered to employees are recorded, and this portal. Training records and documents accessed through the portal, knowledge examinations may be carried out successfully certified ones.

Corporate Training is just one of our fields CMMI Process Process is our mind all corporate trainings, learn lessons learned from the past trainings as process owners.

Our goal is to add value to Akgün , developing, changing, producing , to provide added value, Akgun SUSTAINABLE move into the future with a staff to take successes .

Outsourcing Training

– Information Training Information Security Management System
– Project Management Training
-Corporate Marketing and Image Management Training
-Training of Trainers
-Integration of the FMIS – RLS E-Signature
-Oracle Test Suite
-Oracle 11g Implementation
– Information Security Management System Internal Auditor Training
-Corporate Culture and Communication Training
– Protocol , Courtesy , Etiquette Training
-Stress Management Training
-Introduction to CMMI


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