AKGÜN Picture Archiving and Communication System ( PACS)
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 10.12.2014


PACS (Picture archiving and communication system), electronic storage of medical images , reading , distribution, and electronic media for the presentation of all the software and hardware units used in recent years as the common name of cost-oriented work , productivity, accelerate work on behalf of the health sector is becoming a favorite .

Picture archiving and communication system; medical devices (modality), the PACS server and workstation computers, network communication protocols, CD – DVD Burning units, Dicom Printer and so on. Consists of many structures.

AkPACS ‘ archiving and communication of medical images used in the solutions prepared in accordance with international standards, and has been used in health institutions. AkPACS ; health care institutions consist of the following components to manage all the processes in a healthy way ;

AkPACS Server

AkPACS Server DICOM 3.0 format images from any digital modalities archived PACS server. Archived images DICOM Workstations AkPACS Query / Retrieve feature is sent. Wado AkPACS images on the PACS server via the intranet and can be accessed via the internet. Business stations operate seamlessly with other manufacturers AkPACS Server.

Lossless compression feature displays the compressed archive on the server can be the physical capacity of the average rate of 3 times. PACS server automatically comes within the framework of the rule defined images and PACS servers automatically sent to a different workstation.

Does not match the patient information from the RIS PACS system can be accessed by matching images on the RIS.

Save AkPACS Server provides integration with different systems, with the approval of IHE qualification testing of the certified organization. PACS DICOM 3.0 and HL7 standards with the products of different companies can be integrated.


Images from inside and outside the hospital the hospital can easily be reported on the Web.

Radiology experts from outside the institution to engage in transactions in-house developed reporting, AKGÜN Wado, user-friendly, ergonomic interface provides a fast and easy way to make the reporting radiologists.

Operating System and Browser Independence

Web-based application running on the computer to install additional software platform-independent applications for all desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux ), and many common browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Safari ) can operate smoothly .

Convenient Interface and Image Processing Facilities

All modalities from the layout on the display to change the length and angle measurement , density, rotation, mirroring, negative gain, magnifier, magnification , and use many features such as the reference line , which was written before, you can easily access reports and images on the same screen .

Workstation AkPACS

General Features

MRI, CT, PET, CR, NM, DR, Ultrasound, Angio, Endoscopy and so on. Shot made ​​with all digital modalities, PACS DICOM 3.0 format sent to the server and downloaded images quickly and effectively reporting AKGÜN Workstation is done. AkPACS Workstation application features to support fast and efficient workflow and extensive reading by providing the tool options designed to meet the needs of image reading.

Workstation performance with large images AkPACS settings and loads fast. This reduces the time spent to load images help radiologists assessment of the images as soon as possible. AkPACS Workstation Ergonomic and customizable interface speeds up the reporting process by providing quick and effective reporting procedures.

Change AkPACS Workstation layout , length , angle , density , measurements can be made , such as the cobb angle , rotation, mirroring, negatit getting use many features such as a magnifying glass and a reference line , which was written before, you can easily access reports and images on the same screen .

Workstation DICOM Structured Report AkPACS reports are prepared according to standard post reports seen off by all the systems that support this standard, can be analyzed. Displays and records examined whether changes have been made on the PACS server can send Presentation State.

Out the images in DICOM format JPEG, PNG, AVI, presentations and similar activities, such as transferring the use of a wide variety of formats.

AkPACS Dicom Print

Print AkPACS Dicom Workstation and Windows printers can print. Before you edit the printing process layouts, selecting the images you want to print, such as break, we would have a lot of features and a user -friendly interface.


The required tests to the patient can be transferred to DVD CD et al. Primera except that either the most widely used in the market , the process of writing Rimaje CD with CD- robot systems can be made.

If writing to CD- Robot audit information is written on the CD.


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