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Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


Cash office is basically the process of patient admission and patients to relieve traffic on the patient polyclinics be able to get in the hands of the sequence numbers of the card or the bar code was written for his own practice. Optionally a card or barcode system ( the patient or the patient’s system is created to promote patient-specific identification card a barcode stuck on ), a card placed in front of clinic doors / bar code reader and the application software is run. Patient Identification Number pasted on the barcode / card scanned automatically after a follow-up sequence number and the authorization is taken and clinic records.

Use of facilities provided by the application of the main objectives of the cash office and explained substances;

1. Each clinic offers the possibility of a cash office. Will be responsible for taking over the task of cash office transaction increases productivity by eliminating preoccupation physician and allied health personnel.

2. Literacy is simplicity, even an application for ease of use. Inspection sequence of different images is symbolized in order to show results. The user-friendly interface.

3. Card (magnetic, chip, etc.) costs are eliminated. Cash office generated bar codes / cards can be used in this system over the last every hospital and health centers.

4. Cash office system on the internet, SMS, phone and so on. By appointment procedures of the patients to the hospital with appointment systems can use to reduce the workload of the staff in these areas.

5. Cash office system, the patient and the physician can see the new results show the patients within as easily. Thus, examination of the patient while inside the patients and their relatives to show results that contain the new record or do not need to enter the patient’s privacy is protected.

6. At the same time in the hospital if you are height-weight digital meter, infrared thermometer, blood pressure meter and make sure that you connected to the device before the measurement barcode / ID card reader on the barcode / card by reading the definition of person in the patient’s height, weight , body surface area , body mass index , blood pressure, body temperature and the measured values ​​can be measured easily and without the need for automation personnel can be stored in one page . The date of transaction, as well as the evaluation of the situation compared to the previous values ​​allows the physician to be registered. When the limit values ​​according to the criteria defined in the Change in % or establishing critical thresholds, the system can alert.

7. Outpatient gates cash screens can also be used for information and education.

8. Voice complaints and satisfaction can be applied.


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