Breaking New Grounds AKGÜN at 6th Private Sector R&D Centers Summit with its Innovative Products, Strong Solutions and Wide Portfolio…
Publish Date: 26.12.2017 | Last Update Date: 19.02.2018

AKGÜN Group is the center of interest at the international and national fairs with its wide portfolio of artificial intelligence applications, Industry 4.0 applications, big data programs, cloud technologies. The 6th of the Private Sector R&D Centers summit, where the outputs of the R & D projects were shared with the public, the problems of the R&D centers were discussed and new R&D center documents were given, was held in Ankara Congresium on 20-21 December 2017.

New products and technologies of AKGÜN were introduced at the summit, which is the international meeting platform of sector professionals and company representatives from many countries. AKGUN was the center of interest at the summit with its wide portfolio of cloud technologies and big data programs as well as its artificial intelligence applications developed at its own R&D Center.  

AKGUN Group participated at the 6th Private Sector R&D Centers Summit, which was held at Congresium under the coordination of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, with the slogan “Discover Industry 4.0 with the Artificial Intelligence Applications of AKGUN”.

Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Faruk Özlü, attended the 6th Private Sector R&D and Design Centers Summit, which was organized at ATO Congresium. In his speech, Özlü said that R&D and design are the key concepts of the digital transformation process and that those to make investments by putting these in the center of production would win under all circumstances. Emphasizing that the most profitable investment is the investment made in R&D, Özlü explained that “The researches made clearly show that there is a direct relationship between exports and R&D expenditures, namely as you invest in R&D, exports are increasing. R&D and innovation are imperative for sustainable exports. Turkey’ locomotive is exports while the locomotive of exports is R&D and innovation.” Özlü told that exporting firms should be innovative in order to maintain their competitiveness and increase their incomes. Pointing out that as the government and the Ministry, they increased their R&D funding in every budget period, Ozlu said that they supported the private sector in R&D investments.

The innovative and dynamic power of the healthcare sector, AKGÜN, which has attracted attention on the international scale as well as on national scale with its breakthroughs in recent years, continues its advances abroad.

Gaining appreciation in international markets with its strong solutions for various needs, AKGUN had talks with the representatives and officials of the companies from different countries operating in the field of informatics and software such as health, defense, education, telecommunication and local government and visiting the fair for collaboration opportunities.

AKGÜN Group attended the summit held at “ATO Congresium” on December 20-21, 2017, with its stand where its Artificial Intelligence applications X- Eye: Mammo and X-Eye: Thorax products are exhibited. On the first day of the event, a number of officials, being Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Mr. Ozlu in the first place, visited the AKGUN stand and received information on AKGUN’s products compatible with the Industry 4.0 and AKGUN R&D Center.

Developing a number of successful products and software and implementing large scale software and hardware projects in the field of health, education, local administration, defense, telecommunication, full automation in public and private sectors both at home and abroad for many years and implementing large scale software and hardware projects, AKGUN always takes leading steps for producing more advanced technologies. AKGUN structures all its Artificial Intelligence Programs as integrated to Industry 4.0 and our products are designed at AKGUN Software R&D and Innovation Center.

Since 2011, AKGUN, the FIRST registered R&D Center of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey and among the firms operating in the Health Sector, has employed more than 100 R&D staff at the R&D Center.

In addition to the original products and modernization projects implemented at AKGÜN, a wide variety of projects are being implemented within the R&D Centers including product development, research and technology development, process innovation, organizational innovation and concept studies.

Within the scope of 2023 vision, AKGUN continues to invest in expanding its existing business portfolio with new projects and international collaborations, and acquiring new technologies and developing original products.

Breaking the grounds in national and international areas thanks to early diagnosis and preventive health projects; AKGUN made a difference at the zenith with the Computer Assisted Diagnosis in Pulmonary X-ray Imaging, AKGÜN X- Eye: Thorax and AKGÜN X- Eye: Mammo artificial intelligence applications and its products that meet global needs.

Emphasizing the significance of exemplary work of AKGUN R&D Center within the scope of competing with the world information sector with the products developed providing service to the information sector and domestic/foreign customers, establishing the R&D Center with an indoor area of 6000 m2 in Ankara and bringing something new in the sector, AKGUN Chairman Temel AKGUN attended the Private Sector R&D Centers Summit with a team made up of the Assistant General Manager, R&D Coordinator, Quality and Method Development Coordinator and R&D Personnel.

The FIRST R&D Center accredited by the Ministry of Health and certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey among the firms operating in the health informatics sector, AKGUN applies CMMI Standards.

At AKGUN R&D Center that increases motivation of its employees with its Unique Architecture;

All employees including managers work at the open office at the R&D Center, indoor area of which is made up of transparent glass. Sound insulation is made by transparent glass at the office area. There are 3 meeting rooms at the R&D Center. The floor with the rest area of the center faces a green area. A plain and chic concept is harmonized and colorful seats are placed at this area. The employee may prefer to work in this area with their laptops. A sharp and mighty architecture is preferred at the R&D Center, which has a different style in terms of architecture, and contrast was created using cold and warm colors and the feeling of motivation and team power was tried to be given using contrast materials.



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