ISO 27001 Consultancy
Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 19.11.2013


As an institution, the information that you have is priceless …

  • What security measures do you have the fortune enabled in order to value these investments?
  • Information about the safety of your staff adequately informed?
  • Are you prepared for the more important threats?

Security holes are detected , an effective infrastructure solutions to overcome deficits , increasing the awareness of information security , including measures to be taken against threats AKGÜN all your needs on Information Security in the …

Security of information you need in order to provide a full range of services AKGÜN Information Security Management System Consulting has an important place .

International Organization for Standardization widespread theft of information, especially in recent years (ISO) 27001 Information Security Management System standard published. The purpose of this standard, organizations identify their information assets , these assets to analyze the possible dangers , which in the event of these risks in order to make decisions about the systems set up to implement the controls .

Systems consulting and implementation services, our customers will be compatible with ISO 27001 Information Security Management System standard, all kinds of analysis, implementation, training, and carrying out the test work. Information Security Management System to establish and effectively provide our clients businesses.


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