Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 12.05.2016

organizasyonumuzScheme Project Management Office has been modeled. Scheme according to the Web site at the diagram in the first place should be included in the title of our organization; Project Management Office Director from the beginning, on the Project Managers is composed of the Director of PMO. Available by our structure, determined by the Project Management Office Manager and Project Management Office Director on the Executive Management consists of portfolio managers. Meet the objectives of the organization’s strategic projects / programs, grouping; effective management is to provide a centralized way. This organization was created in order to ensure the effective center of management of portfolios of Health, Education, Service, and Sales in the form of Technical Affairs. Organizational Project Management Office diagram creating a reference model with the method of the depth of management within the company (span of control) is aimed at increasing mechanism and departments of coordinators by the system to be integrated and synchronized with a restructuring of integration between the units.

Head of Project Management Office Züleyha AKGÜN
Portfolio Manager Hakan KARATAŞ Health Portfolio
Portfolio Manager Gökmen KUVVET Training and Sales Portfolio
Portfolio Manager Gürsel PAKDEMİR Service and Technical Affairs Portfolio


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