Publish Date: 23.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 18.12.2013

SOFTWARE AKGÜN the leading companies in the software industry in the country , domestic and foreign -source software projects, major projects ” Capability Maturity Model Integration are required to bid (CMMI) Maturity Level 3” received a certificate . Turkish Science, Industry and Technology R & D Center as approved by the Ministry of AKGÜN , according to the CMMI model 3 documented that the level of maturity AKGÜN ‘s quality was an independent entity once again have registered .

HEALTH SECTOR software and services since 1986, our company has developed a new project for hospitals, including CMMI audit has certified compliance with the national and international. CMMI for Development v1.3 process improvement model , with reference to the audits carried out by the independent auditor, also in the USA , and presented for approval at the Institute’s CMMI AKGÜN ‘s success has been approved .

ENGAGED IN A LEADING POSITION IN HEALTH SECTOR AKGÜN since 1986 is a company internationally recognized enterprise proved by CMMI certification. AKGÜN Group, system, software, hardware, purchasing, and integrated systems for the disciplines of design and development of all activity, including CMMI certification was received.

AKGÜN increases the power of CMMI Level 3 certificate, became the focus of attention in the media. Leading position in the continued efforts to protect the top spot since its inception AKGÜN, CMMI for Development v 1.3 standards, audited by independent auditors under the CMMI Level 3 was awarded a certificate and has written in golden letters in the name of the sector. Maintains the wide media coverage of these developments, the AKGÜN’s success took place in the headlines. (AKGÜN ‘ reputation in the press reports on the success of CMMI Level 3 “AKGÜN Media ” section please.)

Audit authorities AKGÜN ‘s full compliance with the CMMI model as well as the strong matrix organization and efficient project management, strong communication , the importance of staff development and training , effective budget management, senior management support for the work of improvement , process your online application support , focus on continuous improvement strengths, unless otherwise indicated.

Authorities have AKGÜN management system is registered with the document once again to express competence of the document AKGÜN to contribute to international projects, will contribute to the achievement of the intended goals of domestic and international sales, he says.

AKGÜN CMMI Level 3 Certification for increasing competitiveness;

• ISO 27001 Standard for Information Security Management System, Integrated Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Standard,
• OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety,
• ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System,
• IHE projects and has been accredited with CE.
AKGÜN, CMMI Maturity Level 3 by adding the certificate to the quality standards;
• Institutionalized is a company,
• That the Organization as a whole,
• Each department / unit and a corporate identity, in accordance with the project as an attempt to once again proved that picture.

About CMMI

CMMI for Development v1.3 Carnegie America at the request of the Ministry of Defense Mellon University, in cooperation with the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) developed by. CMMI Model, to be implemented in order to provide customers with high quality software products, processes, process improvement model with what is going on. CMMI best practices model to describe a collection of characteristics of effective processes to increase the performance of organizations.

As well as the design and engineering processes to improve project management, quality management, subcontractor management, and other support processes taking place in the CMMI model.

CMMI process model defined area of 22, 18 and applications that meet the target set for the 3 organizations reached a level of maturity is considered. CMMI maturity levels defined world-class certification is carried out. Increased levels of maturity, improvement in the quality of products, the risks that can be managed more effectively, predictable project outcomes show that.

And CMMI certified companies with R & D Center, especially the defense industry, especially in complex projects, both public and private institutions, institutions wishing to serve in the development of the new project shall ensure that they are able to meet the demands.


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