A Global Power in the Health Digitalization Process, AKGUN at HIMMS Turkey 2016
Publish Date: 06.06.2016 | Last Update Date: 16.02.2018


HIMSS Turkey 2016 EMRAM Education Conference and Fair was held at Istanbul Pendik Greenpark Hotel on 26-27 May. Participating at HIMM Turkey 2016 event, which brings domestic and foreign health information technology companies and public and private sector representatives operating in the field of health informatics and digital hospital management together, as the Gala Sponsor, and making no compromise on customer satisfaction and product quality AKGUN received a great deal of attention from many domestic and foreign visitors as a prestigious brand in Turkey and World market.

To the guests visiting our stand, size, power, dynamism and value of AKGUN brand was introduced and Computer Assisted Diagnosis Systems, Clinical Information Systems, Radiological Imaging Systems, 3 Dimensional Imaging Processes, Decision Support Systems, Mobile Applications and other projects that improve healthcare service provision and make difference in the global world were interactively presented.

Organized in collaboration between the Ministry of Health and HIMSS Europe, HIMSS Turkey Education Conference and Health IT Fair was opened with the participation of Ministry of Health Deputy Undersecretary Dr. Şuayip Birinci and HIMSS Chairman H. Stephen Lieber, President of the Public Hospitals Agency of Turkey Prof. Dr. Alper Cihan and AKGUN Chairman of the Board of Directors Temel Akgün.

Speaking at the opening ceremony and stating that all business processes of this century have dramatically changed, Ministry of Health Deputy Undersecretary Dr. Şuayip Birinci said that as the Ministry of Health, they were not indifferent to the 4th Industrial revolution, which aims to bring the information technologies and all production and service sectors together.

Emphasizing that the concepts of time and location were replaced by the technologies, by means of which you could be involved in the process at any time and place you wish, the Ministry of Health Deputy Undersecretary Dr. Şuayip Birinci said that “Digitalized world has revealed new opportunities in terms of both us, namely healthcare professionals, and human life. Now we are talking about a service process, in which patients participate in the diagnosis and treatment processes and sustainable health policies are addressed within the scope of digital data. Accordingly, implementations such as digitalization, integration of the technological tools into the health sector, efficient use of mobile healthcare tools, and management of diagnosis and treatment processes by means of large data applications have become indispensable needs for healthcare professionals and hospitals like medicine or injection”.

HIMSS President H. Stephen Lieber mentioned in this speech that Turkey has become advanced and leader in the use of technology in global terms and said that “In HIMSS Turkey 2016, we will break a new ground in Turkey after Spain, Holland and Germany, We will reward a hospital that has reached level 7 in EMRAM, which is the accreditation and standard model of HIMSS. Also there are 17 hospitals to have reached level 6 in EMRAM. Here we are talking about a great advancement. We see that Turkey is a leader in the Europe. Our works with the Ministry of Health stand out as collaboration to be taken as a example by other countries.”

Speaking at the Gala Night, AKGUN Group Sales and Marketing Director Gökmen Kuvvet said that;

‘’I am happy and honored to share the 30th year of our company in the sector with you by means of this organization. I would like to express my gratitude to all esteemed executives and employees of the healthcare facilities we have served up to this date and continue to serve for their support and contributions to our advancement. In parallel to the growth of health sector in last year, we always paid attention to lead this change based on our predictions and research and continued to make investments. We have developed –develop our products and solutions not by transforming the existing ones but with totally new and modern infrastructure and technologies using our experience and accumulation. Within this framework, we made and continue to make our investments to develop evidence-based medicine and decision support systems, mobile applications, data integrity and data sharing central structures, cloud technologies, safety based product and solutions.”



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