AKGÜN Blood Database
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


Knowledge Base project, the process of getting blood products move up and the next time the media is the easiest way to follow the electron when it is needed is a system that helps in finding the desired blood product . Project donor records , laboratory examination , the physician inspection , blood collection , blood laboratory control and the usefulness of blood (useful , useless ) includes follow-up processes . All processes used in the user’s job easier, and also features a sequence of processes to be followed is provided via barcodes.

It is also requested from the blood through the system and received by the other institutions are in need of blood banks in accordance with the needs of blood transfer operations may be carried out through the system.

The system is extremely flexible, with faulty situations may arise during use, in accordance with the parameters previously entered warns the user and prevents incorrect operations. Long- or short -term blood -making processes graphically by the system to interpret the statistics and information that can be made.

All processes in the system-wide reporting is being done, but also in many official documents given to the donor side of the preparation provided by the system automatically.

Thanks to the powers and limitations present in the system if necessary, and some of the security of information systems within the data and the anonymity provided by the system logs all transactions are kept by the system.


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