AKGÜN Business Intelligence for General Secretaries
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 14.11.2013


With the restructuring of the health sector in Turkey, institutions combined under the umbrella of the public hospital in the province, governed by the general secretary. Public Hospital Union Business Intelligence System collects necessary data from institutions/ hospitals merged under the umbrella of public hospital Union and provide transformation of these data to information.

Dataflow to repository created in PHU (PHU- Public Hospital Unions) is provided in determined formats and time interval. General secretaries are provided convenience on both preparing dynamic reports and monitoring reports prepared for cost, staff, surgery, billing, outpatient’s clinic, maternity and laboratory by converting created data repository to a Business Intelligence Model.

Users are provided to keep in step by going into details of reports from general with Province/ Town/ Institution /Clinic/ Service/ Doctor/ Year/ Semester/ Quarter/Month/Day subdivisions.


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