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Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


During all stages of life mankind have been at a state of “Decision Making”. As every decision can result in satisfying results, decisions can also lead to unexpected conclusions. Therefore, the decision-making process must be performed correctly

Today when examined, we understand that information had been properly utilized for taking a good decision. Today’s managers are aware of the benefits of proper information usage in decision making process and its advantages for organizations and institutions in today’s competitive environment. For this reason today’s managers grease the skids for organizations and institutions in reaching their strategic goals by investing in information technologies.

While one of the most important problems for the managers of previous periods was “to gather information”, now it has changed to gather significant results from the information collected which is considered as the most important problem in decision making for today’s managers. At this stage, the amount of information gathered also has significant importance. As the amount of collected data increases, Decision- makers experience difficulties in understanding and interpreting this data.  In order to solve this problem, decision makers are in need of systems which help them understand secret patterns within the data and take better decisions.

In recent years, decision support systems are widely used in decision making. Decision support systems which are developped and brought into use provide easy access to data inside and outside of the organizations and institutions for end users. In this way, a quick and timely access to the information needed increases the efficiency and the quality of the decisions taken by assisting institutions on making timely decisions.

Business Intelligence which is Decision Support System is to analyze raw data of an institution or a business and convert these raw data to information for purposes such as,

  • To analyze current situation,
  • To scale and speed up the performance,
  • To make prospective strategic decisions,
  • Proper use of resources,
  • To provide economic benefits.

Data is raw material and consist of unganized facts that need to be processed. When data are processed, organized , structured  or presented in a given context so as make them useful, they are called information.

Business Intelligence provides,

  • Data storage in a single database,
  • Big Data Analysis,
  • Data Analysis in different formats (Excel, XML, Oracle, my-sql etc.),
  • Easy access to data,
  • End users to access only useful information,
  • Secure data sharing,
  • Summarize extensive text reports,
  • Rapid information sharing in all settings,
  • Common access in web environment.

Our customers overcome these problems with business intelligence reports and easily reach the information they need. This information allows evaluation of current situation as well as evaluation of previous situation  and enables comparison between past and present.  As this comparison can be performed for previous or current situations with respect to time, it can also be performed in areas such as unit, staff, materials, patient and diagnosis within the structure of our customers.


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