AKGÜN CHB Data Sharing System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 27.01.2015

Hastaneler arası Entegre uygulaması;

KHB Veri Paylasimi

Inter Hospital Integrated Application;

If there are other hospitals in the patient’s record that the transactions examined by the doctor and the doctor used for obtaining information. Due to the collection of data in a single location with the administrative units that are demanded by the data reporting module offers business intelligence. These reports from the building blocks of the bottom of the decision support system.

After all of these data, patient medical record of the patient during the examination of other hospitals, outpatient screen then examined by a doctor and that fits the patient during the examination, the examination, analysis and diagnosis, decision-making and displays reports. Hospitals in the process of imaging PACS images, web pages, images, PACS, if able to do it, is attained through this system in other hospitals. Transactions with other hospitals belong to the doctor if he or she can access by searching on the basis of history.

Shot in the communication of the data held at the center on the basis of the analysis rules for payment of all assays for further evaluation and treatment by providing controls to requests made ​​during the data warehouse that control tests performed at other hospitals. Your doctor if you are issuing a warning to other hospitals in the conclusion of the examination, or report that allows them to access. However, because it is written in the examination by asking the doctor asked to be allowed to proceed.

As a result of these transactions, the status of the patient in the hospital tests requested from other hospitals and institutions, in this case, savings disappear. Procedures for examination and diagnosis of the patient reduce unnecessary. Rapid diagnosis and treatment can help a doctor decide. Procedures of the patient and the patient are happy to be shortened. Treatment in another hospital before the patient sees a doctor by querying the case to declare the details of this treatment can reach the other went to the hospital and the patient about the treatment that you do not need to take the document and the treatment process is accelerated.

With this system, you can manage data from a single center, hospitals as well as savings in terms of the data they have access to numerous data that can help you to create and provide treatment phase.


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