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Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 26.12.2013


Decision-making process, not a single straight line or a single mistake and they are ranked according to a certain priority, a common occurrence in the patient -physician relationship and other relationships. In such cases, the development of decision making skills of physiciansand other concerned by establishing a cause-and- effect relationship “Clinically Oriented Reasoning Exam” (CORE) is widely used. CORE is no doubt that this ability in developing the contribution of learning. Classic form, easy to apply this test in order to make the difficult prepared to examine our product, please contact us.

Problem solving, reasoning or decision-making , which is expressed in different ways, and often limited to a short period of time and with the support of the data obtained by conducting a clinical problem and other problem -solving mind , one of the most important skills for a physician other concerned . Research on this subject shows that the model is agreed upon and reasoning can be applied easily not been developed yet. Recently, the problem-based educational models that underlie the major cause of the rise in interest, problem-solving skills, understanding of medical or other education must be given from the beginning. Research shows that experienced physicians’ or experienced  other concerned people  and  inexperienced physicians or  other concerned people are vary accurate in clinical/all other areas reasoning processes and decision-making skills.

Those interested in medical and other education, reasoning and problem-solving process, and to have enough information about the structure of the theoretical and practical educational programs should be improved accordingly. Closest to the actual conditions of the best learning takes place and the best education environment assessment and evaluation of the most appropriate test methods be realized in the actual conditions .


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