AKGÜN crowned for achievements by Minister IŞIK at the 3rd Private Sector R&D Centers Summit…
Publish Date: 12.12.2014 | Last Update Date: 19.12.2014

AKGÜN, an R&D Center certified by the Turkish Ministry for Science, Industry and Technology since 2011, received the R&D Center Certification at the 3rd Private Sector R&D Centers Summit, once again proving that it was the frontrunner in this sector.

As one of the leading IT companies in Turkey providing innovative products and services, AKGÜN SET YET ANOTHER PRECDENT IN THE INDUSTRY as it was awarded the R&D Center Certification at the 3rd Private Sector R&D Centers Summit by the Turkish Minister for Science, Industry and Technology, Fikri Işık.

AKGÜN’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Temel Akgün, who established the R&D Center based on the idea of advanced technology, received the R&D Center certificate of authorization in first place from the Turkish Minister for Science, Industry and Technology, Fikri Işık, with the blessing of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.

Emphasizing the importance of AKGÜN R&D Center’s past projects in its bid to compete with the global IT sector, through products the company has developed in carrying out large-scale efforts to serve the IT sector and its domestic and foreign customers, AKGÜN Software’s Board of Directors Chairman, Temel AKGÜN, pointed out that the AKGÜN R&D Center was one of 164 R&D Centers currently established in Turkey today. AKGÜN finished by saying, “I would once again like to thank my team, who have made our lives easier with their innovations and their relentless pursuit of novel ideas and applications that enrich our lives, for being able to reflect in our customers and products and services, which embody our most advanced technologies, the level of quality made possible by the comforts they enjoy at the R&D Center.” AKGÜN Software, which strives to make significant contributions for our country and customers, both foreign and domestic, by way of the efforts and projects of our R&D Center, the first of its kind in the industry, is once again rightfully honored to be counted among other R&D centers certified by the Turkish Ministry for Science, Industry and Technology.

Speaking at the 3rd Private Sector R&D Summit held at the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Congresium, Minister for Science, Industry and Technology, Fikri Işık, underlined the importance of increased R&D investment in both the public and the private sector, noting that the projects and products realized by R&D centers would comprise another aspect of the vision for a new Turkey. Remarking that the summit would inform future policies on R&D centers that are enacted together with the relevant stakeholders, Işık also argued that, “If you want to be strong economically, you must stay ahead of the curve technologically; if you want to be strong technologically, you must be at the forefront of scientific inquiry.”

Işık handed out awards to all those that were listed in the R&D Centers Performance Index and presented qualifying companies with their R&D Certifications.

AKGÜN’s Board of Directors Chairman, Temel Akgün, attended the Private Sector R&D Summit being held at the self-contained 6.000 m2 indoor facility in Ankara with Vice Chairman Ahmet Özçam and a group that included the R&D Coordinator, the Quality and Method Development Coordinator and other R&D Staff.

The AKGÜN R&D Center, with a unique brand of architecture that serves to motivate its employees; houses all senior staff and employees in an open plan office fitted with windows that are completely transparent. These transparent windows also provide sound insulation for the office. The R&D Center also includes 3 conference rooms. The center, which also offers a leisure area, overlooks a green courtyard. One section of the center is furnished with couches combining simplicity and style that are favored by employees who like to spend time working on their laptops. The R&D Center, which employs a unique style of architecture, describes a design that is both sharp and bold and highlights contrasts between cool and warm materials. Motivation and team work is emphasized through the use of conflicting materials.


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