AKGÜN Emergency Call and Patient Tracking System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


This day in history for the health sector services, we, the people is one of the most important service-producing sectors. Experienced major changes in the health care industry in the development of technology , health-care service delivery quality, performance, safety of the patient and the concepts of health workers came to the fore in this context of technological applications have been developed within the framework of the Ministry of Health issued regulations .

Improving the quality of health care providers , nurses , doctors, security and cleaning staff , the patient’s routine or emergency needs , and the processes involved are able to respond timely measure , the nurse temperature, pulse rate , blood pressure, fluid balance values ​​can be entered in place such as the patient’s medical information and health care workers you can see the patient’s past medical values ​​graphically , by consultation with the patient and the nurse and physician reminder time in drug response time measurement and reporting of all transactions in order to ” Emergency Call and patient Tracking ” software has been developed .

The solution is developed to cover all the processes in the hospital room with the patient. This solution and the patient care process, including call management consists of two main functions. For example, the application, taking medication to patients and health care workers to manage their time, and visit consultation procedures to be followed, the stimulation of critical laboratory test values ​​of health workers on track and means of transportation and communication technologies in a variety of alerts will be transmitted.


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