AKGÜN from Sector a First View: Recent Successes Sail R & D Center opened document.
Publish Date: 23.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 20.12.2013

“Developed innovative products and services in the area of Turkey’s leading IT companies AKGÜN , TC Science, Industry and Technology R & D Center Certificate issued by the Ministry SECTOR scored a first by winning the right to receive . ”


” Customers, competitors and technological services differentiated to produce serious sense.”

AKGÜN, Information Technologies and Vision to produce a part of the mission, making it carry out R & D activities in this context. Software AKGÜN producing and using the most advanced technologies in manufacturing worldwide , with a sense of competitive advantage in these technologies, research and development, will bring in its first year since 1986 that works as a R & D company .

Turkey to compete with developed countries and economically independent country has a way to complete the R & D from the pass. I just cannot consume the same time and in this sense, a society that R & D for differentiation to be applied based on the economic policies. Therefore, the R & D strategy is itself not part of the management strategy.

AKGÜN, research, design and development, enhancing the ability to raise the level of competence and thus innovative projects that aims to become a leader in the software industry in the country and abroad are available. Entity’s corporate vision, movement of these principles “Health Sector Solutions ” and ” Public Sector Solutions ” mission ” Service-Oriented Intelligent Systems Development is defined as” .

Following the establishment of our company in 26 years of health, education and municipal sectors, as well as new product and process development activities, to increase corporate productivity, lowering costs and also efforts to improve the quality of service provided has been one of our ongoing works. In this way, engineering and technical support with the establishment of R & D units, including the company that produces value-added services for the public sector has become.

R & D activities of management of the institution see itself as an indispensable institution. AKGÜN as an R & D company established and are operating from years of R & D line is giving up its execution will continue in accordance with its mission.

Our company is to survive and to increase the competitiveness of research and development activities is a continuous and regular. These actions, as well as the production of a new product include improvements made to existing products.

“The customer and the ability of users to the presence of changing ideas and innovation to meet the needs of the competitive race is very important. On the basis of this research, technology development and training lies. ”


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