AKGÜN had been the shining star within the HIMSS Turkey event!
Publish Date: 20.06.2014 | Last Update Date: 07.07.2014

IT Industry’s giant AKGÜN added one more to the chain of success…

On 4-5 June 2014, HIMSS Turkey event was held at the İstanbul HaliçCongress Center. Adding a value to the event as a golden sponsor without making concessions to the customer satisfaction and product quality, AKGÜN presented the innovative products on its booth which attracted several national and international visitors.

Clinic Information Systems, Radiology Display Systems, 3 Dimensional Display Systems, Computer Aided Diagnosis Systems, Decision Support Systems, Mobile Applications and other application that increase the medical care service had been presented to the   visitors.

On the other hand, the presentation titled “Cooperation at the Unions of Public Hospitals (UPH)” which was held within the parallel session with a large  group of participants on June 4th won recognition. In this session, the topics addressed were the importance of the subjects related with the administration, finance and clinics after the foundation of the Unions of Public Hospitals, the equipment demands, control of the purchase, inventory amounts, invoice, accounting, budget, document management by the administration, AKGÜN’s accomplishment on the information technologies conforming the needs of UPH and the success and quality mission of AKGÜN which are the reflections of the difference created within the industry.

Within the HIMSS Turkey event, AKGÜN once more proved to be a world-wide company with its products, services, accomplishments and quality standards. 

AkGES ERP Corporate Resources Management Systems which is produced for the central management of the resources in the UPHs, Computer Aided Diagnosis Systems in X-Ray Imaging which was a ground-breaking of AKGÜN Yazılım in our country, which enables the radiologists to realize more cancer incidents in the radiology and which will be a third eye for the radiologists by automatic nodule detecting in lung x-ray imaging, which almost sets the death rates in lung cancer to zero thanks to the early diagnosis, and the Business Intelligence Systems which is a Management Assistance System produced for information management were credited by the visitors.

Furthermore, the parallel session also addressed the success story of the Rize State Hospital which uses the software of our company and which was accredited with Stage 6 within HIMSS Turkey Award Ceremony. In the session which was held through a great participation, RizeUPH Secretary General Dr. Şafak SÜNBÜL mentioned the efforts of the administration for the gained success and stated that they had a long way to go to realize the digital hospital concept completely and said ”We are among the 4 hospitals that sifted to the HIMSS system in Turkey. We are the largest hospital to shift to this system in Europe in terms of bed capacity. Thanks to the system no paper will be used in our hospital. The mistake rate of the doctors and the staff will be set to zero.”

Being the AKGÜN Group; we would like to congratulate the Rize State Hospital that has been accredited with Stage 6 by the HIMMS which has a global validity and credit within the medic al industry in information management systems and we wish them a continued success.

In consequence of the congratulations we have received within the HIMSS Turkey event from the CEOs of multinational companies, from the Secretary General of the UPH and from all other participants that have a word in the medical industry, we are experiencing the justified honor of being unmatched as a company with the quality service manner based on customer satisfaction, being a both national company and a global corporation that works globally and that renders service to the global customers. We would lie to extend our gratitude to those who contributed.


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