AKGÜN Has Added A New One To Its Area Of Activities With The Naxtel 4G GSM Operator Project Which Break New Ground at Nakhichevan…
Publish Date: 31.10.2016 | Last Update Date: 22.11.2016

A HUGE Software from AKGÜN to the Azerbaijan Mobile Operator…

AKGÜN Is Now In The Telecommunications Industry With The Naxtel 4G Mobile Operator Software Systems Project…

The Mobile Operator Project which has been established with the support of the Communications and New Technologies Ministry at the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan has been realized by AKGÜN

AKGÜN Software, which has made significant investments in the area of technology in Azerbaijan, has added a new one to its major projects with the software and hardware infrastructure of the NahTel 4G Mobile Operator.

Turkey and Azerbaijan continue to improve their collaboration in all areas with AKGÜN.

The fourth generation mobile communication network which its software has been developed by AKGÜN has come into service at 25th of October at Nakhichevan.

AKGÜN which carries out large scaled software and hardware projects and develops many successful products and solutions in the field of informatics and software such as full automation in the areas of public and private sector, defence, local administration, education and health for many years both domestically and internationally, always takes a pioneer step about producing the more advanced technologies. It has developed an international project with the friend, brother and neighbour Country by embracing the information age based on the idea that “communications” and “software” take the lead among the most important technology products of the 21st century without no doubt and by adding a new one to its area of activity industries.

Naxtel 4G GSM Software Operator Systems project which provides added-value to the telecom industry with TELCO GSM that is developed in a qualification which can compete in the global arena and is the Nakhichaven’s first local Mobile Operator System, designed in the AKGÜN Software R&D and Innovation Center within the context of the protocol signed among the AKGÜN Software and Nakhichaven Autonomous Republic Communications and New Technologies Ministry on the IT side of the Mobile Operator Project has been completed successfuly within 2016 in such a short period of 10 months.  

  • Telco project totally consists of new and top-tier technologies.
  • It is at such a capacity and structure that can compensate the needs of the territory at an advanced level.
  • All the softwares have been produced in Turkey and they are designed to satisfy all the needs of this project from A to Z.

Mobile operator service will be provided to Nakhichaven in the first phase and then to the other regions of Azerbaijan and neighboring countries with the project in which almost ten million dollars have been invested. 

Naxtel 4G GSM Software Operator Systems created by AKGÜN which is mentioned among the projects that are limited in number in the World is Nakhichaven’s first Mobile Operator and a grand opening ceremony has been realized at 25th of October, 2016 in order to introduce the TELCO Project and our project which brings innovation to the telecommunications industry with the attendance of Dear Temel AKGÜN, the Chairman of The Executive Board of AKGÜN Software who has developed projects which have increased Turkey’s brand value in the global arena.

Nakhichevan President of Assembly Vasif Talibov, Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic Communications and New Technologies Minister Rövşan Mammadov, Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic Economy Minister Famil Seyidov, Zhang Dongliang President of The Workgroup About Central Asia and Caucasus Region Operator Networks at the People’s Republic of China Huawei company, Armağan Quarege Turkey and Caucasus Sales Director of Türk Telekom, Temel AKGÜN Chairman of The Executive Board of AKGÜN Software and the accompanying committee have attended to the grand opening of the mobile operator.

Nakhichevan President of Exalted Assembly Vasif Talibov has made a speech for the occasion of bringing the fourth generation mobile communication network into service at the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic which is an inseparable part of the Azerbaijan and stated that; “The development of the country starts with enabling its own safety. As for that ensuring the safety of the country is not only related with building an army and protecting its borders but also related with enabling the security of the energy and telecommunications systems. Putting the new mobile communications system into use in Nakhichevan has a significant importance in this context. From now on, Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic has been integrated into the World communications system by removing the telecommunications blockade.Thus, providing continuous and high quality mobile communications service and incorporating the mobile communications network with the national and international circulation system are primary duties. Mobile communications network is an important area for the Autonomous Republic. Because enabling durable communications and internet services comforts people. On the other hand, providing high quality service by using the possibilities of modern mobile communications system efficiently, requires the preparation of experts in this area. For this reason, Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic Communication and New Technologies Ministry must consider this subject and train experts”. In addition, the President of Exalted Assembly has thanked to Dear Temel AKGÜN, Chairman of The Executive Board of AKGÜN Software for the infrastructure services he provided in the establishment of the mobile communications network.

Rövşen Memmedov, the Minister of Communication and New Technologies of Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic has stated these: “During the years of independence, accomplishments have been gained about developing communications and new technologies as so in every field of economy in the autonomous republic. As a result of the practices, today, access to the cable and wireless internet at the whole accomodation units of the autonomous republic is possible. Bringing fourth generation mobile communications system into use at Nakhichaven Autonomous Republic is the continuation of the activities realized in this field”. Rövşen Memmedov also thanked Dear Temel AKGÜN, Chairman of The Executive Board of AKGÜN Software in the name of Autonomous Republic.

Temel AKGÜN, Chairman of The Executive Board of AKGÜN Software, who has carried out hardware and software projects in many fields, especially Hospital Automation projects within the scope of Ministry of Health both in Turkey and abroad for many years and enabled collaboration between countries with the projects he has developed, shared his pleasure from being in Nakhichaven and stated these in his speech: “Communications and software are the most important technology products of the 20th century without no doubt. Countries which are investing in these areas are being able to catch up with the information age. I am very happy and pleased to share our fund of knowledge and technologies and to develop new project with our friend, brother and neighbour Nakhichaven Government”.

AKGÜN, who has stated his happiness about completing the NAXTEL 4G MOBILE OPERATOR project which we are launching here today, appreciated the practices realized in Autonomous Republic in the field of development of communications and new technologies. In addition he has thanked sincerely and respectfully for the conditions created for being in colloboration with “AKGÜN Yazılım” and to Nakhichaven Autonomous Republic President Dear Vasif Talibov and Information and Communications Technologies Minister Dear Rövşan Mammatov and other Deputy Ministers who have not withhold their support during the project and to the teams who have worked together with us in the project.

AKGÜN has completed his speech with these sentences: “Our support, required for carrying out the NAXTEL 4G MOBILE OPERATOR Project will continue increasingly. While completing my speech, I would like to thank you again for providing this opportunity to us and wish that this project will be beneficent to the Country and to the region.”



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