AKGÜN Has Announced New Investment and Action Plan With The Staff
Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 30.12.2013

AKGÜN, has celebrated the new investment year with its’ successful staff , who work in different locations across Turkey, with an event held in İçkale Hotel at Ankara and called by “AKGÜN is Changing, We Are Updating Our Habits”.

The summit, organized by the Administrative Coordination Department; began with “Welcome” presentation of The Deputy Director of Human Resources Salih KAVZOĞLU and Human Resources and Recruitment and Career Specialist Merve GÜRKAN.

Mr. Temel AKGÜN, the General Manager, -who gave a speech the meeting’s opening speech- by expressing his gratitude to all participants for the achievements in 2009, has briefed AKGUN’s all staff’s duty for realization of the expectations, the objectives and the strategies of 2010; and also, inform about the value would be added by expanding vision to the our company each day . In this process, the success of made ​​in 2009 and the objectives related to 2010 and each departments’ strategic action plans were given in particular the presentations that motivate staff. During the event to which 125 people attended, company’s HR department’s motivation activities has garnered the admiration of everyone.

The AKGUN personnel, who relieve stress of 2009 and who working in scattered and suffering from not come together often, has chatted plenty and had a pleasant and motivation enhancing day in the lunch and dinner at the İçkale Hotel.

At the end of the summit, together with the end of all the presentations, nostalgic slide show that composed of the images and photos of AKGÜN’s c previous events, gave pleasant moments to the participants. The biggest surprise, prepared by the administrative coordinator of the AKGÜN, was to be given plaques to the personnel who had been completed the 10th, 15th and 20th year of service.. Emotional moments ware experienced in the hall and the pride of being a part of AKGÜN was reinforced once again. Certificates of appreciation were given all employees because of their participation in the summit.

This year’s hallmark of this traditional event is organized by AKGÜN, is the announcement of company management about the results of targets of the 2009 business year and the planned investments and the target of 2010 .The 21% growth, which has been the target for the past year, have occurred in 27% despite the crisis, had been registered as a success of all staff. AKGUN, who want to celebrate its successful human resource by such meetings, has scheduled the next event placed in its own building with a covered area of ​​6000 m2 and aims construction to be completed in July, 2010.


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