AKGÜN Home Care Information Management System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


Home health care services, which can be put before expert physicians on the diagnosis and planned treatment within the framework of this diagnosis, the health care services in the home environment covers. Home health services under the Home Care Information System aims to provide the management of the entire process management system. This information system through:

  • The examination, diagnosis, treatment, medical care and rehabilitation services to be provided,
  • Prescription drugs are allowed to be certified with the medical report.
  • The medical equipment that enables you to monitor the patient’s use of it allows the removal of the reports on the use of medical equipment and supplies,
  • Appointment of staff in charge of the process that allows the patient’s home care. If necessary, in the opinion of experts, the corresponding branch management will provide the necessary consultations.
  • References in the patient’s evaluation results and applications are managed through the system again.
  • Will follow-up the patient’s body in health care at home for that file are recorded in patient follow-up that all home health care services (daily , weekly, or monthly) are carried out on the basis of an appointment system .
  • The system of the patient follow-up planning, planned follow-up appointment, conversion, validation allows appointments.
  • Visits scheduled appointments for visits within the scope of the Home Care staff in charge of the management and monitoring of the scope allows visits.
  • Then given an appointment scheduled intervals during these visits and observations carried out patient visits are recorded through the system again.
  • Allows the monitoring of chronic diseases that are under the patient’s follow-up.
  • Identity Sharing System that is integrated with the system. Removed from the list followed by home care patients who died.


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