Akgun Keeps Rising in the R&D Centers Performance Index…
Publish Date: 09.11.2016 | Last Update Date: 16.02.2018


R & D   Centers Performance Index 2015, in which, evaluation in 6 captions including “R&D Personnel Employment”, “R&D Spending Volume”, “Project Capacity”, “Collaboration and Interaction”, “Commercialization” and “Intellectual Property Competency” was performed by the T.R. Ministry of Science, Industry and Trade and 2015 data was used, has been announced.

R&D Center Performance Index study was conducted on 127 R&D centers for the year 2015. In terms of sectoral ranking, Akgun Computer Prog. and Tic. Hiz. Ltd. Sti. Was ranked 5th in the computer and communication services sector. In terms of index score in 2015, it showed a rise compared to the previous year.

In the upcoming period, we will be adding new ones to our quality, innovative and technological activities to make this achievement permanent and take our ranking to the top in the performance index ranking. 

The great interest shown to AKGUN products in the market is an indicator of our rise. A pleasing result.

R&D centers are the institutions that are most needed by our country today and will form the basis of our future growth and development.

We need strong R&D centers to ensure that our power and our economy have a sustainable growth. Within this framework, a large part of our budget is transferred to the R&D centers.





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