AKGÜN Made a Breakthrough in Healthcare Provision with the Computer Aided Diagnostic System in Lung X-Ray Images!
Publish Date: 01.03.2014 | Last Update Date: 13.03.2018

Acting as a mover and shaker in the Sector and breaking another ground, AKGÜN, has put the Computer Aided Diagnostic in Lung X-ray Images Project into effect as a result of the long research and development activities. Thanks to this project, the automatic nodule diagnosis system was put into effect to provide a second-opinion support for the radiologists in the Lung x-ray images.  With the Project developed with R&D support, a BREAKTHROUGH WAS ACHIEVED IN HEALTHCARE PROVISION in Turkey.

What is the motivation behind this project?

In clinical researches, only 16% of the cancer cases can be diagnosed at an early stage and in case of early diagnosis, 5-year living chances of the patients is tripled. [1]

On the other hand in different studies conducted; [2]

  1. When the lung x-rays of the patients with lung cancer were retrospectively reviewed, it was reported that overlooked lesion images were seen in approximately 90% of these.
  2. The chances of nodules’ being seen by the radiologists, which are detected in P-A lung X-rays and have an approximate diameter of 7 mm, is approximately 50% (This ratio applies to the nodules that are not calcific). This means that almost half of the nodules of this size cannot be seen.
  3. While the living chances of 5 years is approximately 13% in the lung cancers with an average diameter of 2.5 cm, this ratio can go up to 70% in the lung cancers detected at the early diagnosis stage (Stage I).
  4. Lung cancer cases, which are not diagnosed (missed) by the physicians, are the second medico-legal category, due to which the radiologists in the USA are most frequently faced with claims for compensation.

These studies point out that missed nodule ratio is too high and these patients can only be detected at very late stages. Although these studies are conducted in the USA, the situation is not different in our country.

How is BDT System used?

In the first stage, Radiologist does not run the BDT system not to be influenced by the BDT System and provides routine comments regarding the image.  Afterwards, the BDT system is run and two opinions are compared.  BDT System marks the abnormal findings on the image. Following the conformation of these findings by the radiologist, these are archived in PACS. BDT system communicates with dicom standards and can be integrated into any Hospital Information System within the framework of the standards.

As a result; both technological and biological constraints prevent the detection of nodules on the images. The system established by AKGÜN for the first time in our country will assist the radiologists as a second eye to automatically detect the nodules in the lung x-ray images and improve the quality of healthcare provision.


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