AKGÜN Online Laboratory Information System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 26.12.2013

online laboratuvar

In order to simplify the lives of your patients and customers you are given a shot
AKGÜN Online Laboratory Information System, AKGÜN on-site staff in hospitals or private/public institutions within the patient/other related products and transactions belonging to all required laboratory tests / Tests worked and Laboratory Professionals approved by the results distributed to patients / test waiting for the results of any person or organizationvia the web. Thus,  no patient or your customers will not have to come to your hospital or lab  to receive the lab/test results. You have the chance in the enterprise will be able to use resources more efficiently.

Online Check-in Stage Laboratory Information System controls many different parameters. The goal here is to avoid falling into the hands of patients’ and product test results’ by malicious people .

Our patients / customers  entering the system in a safe way, by this time, the  results are listed in all the rounds. Results from this screen can track outcomes and results may take as wills.

If you are a result of the patient/product (Infectious Disease, Critical Panic value etc.) appearing as a result of a hazardous situation occurs consult your doctor or product provider warning is given. The goal here is drowned endanger public health, product quality and the health of the patient.


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