AKGÜN Phone Emergency Call Origination
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 26.12.2013


Telephone Emergency Call Origination System, in hospitas or institution that you have been on duty, any extension number, the search for the specified built-numbered code white, blue and pink code system started calling code. Calls are recorded and forwarded to the relevant staff pager message. System calls can be initiated and the rooms are all units are registered; the information message that will be sent after the call is initiated. Range of calls that have been made on the call type and are made according to the unit through the web interface can be seen and reported.

Advantages of the system;

-The institution is found that initiated the call from any phone by calling a number to call. Be informed quickly so that respective teams.

-All outgoing calls are recorded. Interfere with the performance report and call reports are prepared automatically by the system.

-It is conveniently accessible throughout the organization through the phone lines, as well as cabling requirements.


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