AKGÜN Radiology Information System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


Radiology Information System (RBS)is a web project produced independently of the other projects; run all by itself,  can be used and purchased. It has been developed for needed operations in Radiology Departments of hospitals/ clinics. Services are offered in different specifications according to different operative types. In general, the properties of Akgün RBS are as follows:

Definition Screens

Radiology Information System that will be used within the scope of some of the basic data is entered screens. Using these screens;

• Define groups of tests and examinations,
• Defining the unit,
• Personnel assignment units,
• Define the device and the manufacturer,
• Report template definition,
• Note the appointment description,
• To use the system-wide properties (hospital name, address, logo, etc.). Identification
as operations can be performed.

Calendar and Event Processing

Radiology Information System-based unit and the device provide the opportunity to create the calendar entry. It also allows you to create calendars at once repeated in different days and times. Records are created automatically based on the calendar to schedule appointments created. According to the working hours available in some areas of the devices appear as disabled in some areas by appointment, by the unit and the device. Event defining conflict control, drag and drop features to edit multiple appointments at the same time user-friendly.

Integration of Different Technology and Systems

Integration of Radiology Information Systems can be integrated into many systems within Health Industry. They are:
• HL7 integration
• the integration of Wado
• PACS integration
• Work list (work list) ability to send the device to create
• DICOM services start / stop / correction

Statistics screen provides a dynamic opportunity to receive and report the statistics query.


Create audio and written report on current investigations and ensures the shots. It is also to be used later written templates to use and provides the ability to create report templates.

Claim Tracking Research
Prompt investigation be done from the new record, the current investigations and provides the opportunity to follow the various stages of filming. These stages are as follows as desired, was given an appointment, began to shoot and canceled the shoot is over, was dictated, written report, the report was approved.

Patient Registration and Tracking

Patient record allows for being easy and fast. Place the patient in the next patient also List of retrieving and using information to patients in the waiting room can be ensured.


• Open session between different systems (RBS, PACS, Wado), and ensuring that the current session is canceled if there is a certain period of use
• Cookies the final version of the help screens (press buttons, the selected features, panel widths, etc.). Protection
• Web-based remote management interface to offer: Web-based personal computers for the installation required, and therefore do not require high system specifications.
• The provision of information security by keeping transaction records
• Ease of maintenance and support through Log Screen
• Support for multiple roles to users
• Depending on the authorization limit Roles
• User-friendly interface, easy to use
• Different languages: English, Turkish, Russian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh.


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