AKGÜN Telemedicine Project was launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.
Publish Date: 23.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 15.11.2013

Launched under the coordination of the State Planning Organization in the implementation of e-Transformation Turkey Project Telemedicine Systems Group starring AKGÜN has taken place. Undertaking the coordination of the Working Group on e-Health was launched by the Ministry of Health Telemedicine Project 2 AKGÜN phase, the architects of Turkey has once again stepped forward telemedicine system.

Telemedicine for health care services in the field of medical imaging, the use of information and communication technologies to give remote. Alleviating the shortage of specialists in the field of medical imaging, telemedicine project in Turkey , in complex cases, obtain consultation services , sharing of information and experience among physicians , ensuring the creation of a digital hospital concept AKGÜN targeted and successfully carried out with these objectives . Turkey is in the scope of the project, including 50 hospital software, hardware and technical infrastructure are provided by all kinds of ready-to- AKGÜN licensing requirements and the project has been implemented successfully.

AKGÜN classical sense, a combination of physical presence in the patient and the doctor removes the necessity of using information and communication technologies as a result of his studies on telemedicine system have acquired significant experience has been working on behalf of our country and the spread of the systems.


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