AKGÜN, The Cornerstone of HIMSS Turkey 2015 EMRAM Educational Conference and Exhibition
Publish Date: 01.04.2015 | Last Update Date: 06.04.2015

The heart of health sector beats at HIMSS 2015…

HIMSS Turkey 2015 EMRAM Educational Conference and Exhibition was organized in cooperation between the Ministry of Health and HIMSS in Antalya on March 20-21. AKGÜN, as a prestigious brand in Turkish and world market which does not compromise on customer satisfaction and product quality, provided added value to the event as the Special Sponsor and received intensive interest of numerous local and foreign visitors.

Guests who visited our stand were introduced to the size and value of AKGÜN brand and were presented Computer Assisted Diagnostic Systems, Clinical Information Systems, Radiology Imaging Systems, 3 Dimensional Imaging Processes, Decision Support Systems, Mobile Applications and other project which improve delivery of medical care.

e-Pulse Personal Medical Record System, Health Management System, Tele Medicine, Tele Radiology, Health Informatics Network and Medication Tracking System were introduced at the Ministry of Health stand at the exhibition.

The event received participation from public and private sector representatives engaged in health informatics and intensive interest from local and foreign informatics companies and hospitals. The main themes of the conference were public-private partnerships, IT and mobility in health services, interoperability standards, patient involvement, customized medicine, genetics and patient safety. Furthermore, winning public hospitals received their EMRAM Stage 6 Digital Hospital awards at the event.

HIMSS congress offered an opportunity to popularize “Zero” paper hospitals

Dr. Şuayip Birinci, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, delivered an opening speech and stated numerous achievements were obtained in two years and an important progress was provided in terms of health technologies in the last ten years. Birinci said: “We will encounter more Stage 6 and even 7 hospitals at the next HIMSS Conference”.

Zafer Çukurova, President of the Association of Public Hospitals, reported HIMSS made an assessment at 200 out of 696 hospitals operating under the Public Hospitals Authority of Turkey and said: “Assessment results and EMRAM scores were calculated at 143 hospitals. We will identify our road map according to initial assessment results under our 4 year protocol in the next stage. The system aims at keeping medical records of patients applying to hospitals in digital environment, providing easy access for all physicians to these records for patient safety, transferring data generated by all medical devices used at hospitals into this system and reaching users and patients, when required, over the system”.

HIMSS President H. Stephen LIEBER reported in his speech: “Turkey rapidly moves towards being a European leader in use of information technologies in health services. We continue to tell about the example of Turkey to the entire world. Turkey ranks just behind Spain and the Netherlands in Europe in terms of Stage 6 and 7 digital hospitals. High number of stage 6 awarded hospitals positioned Turkey among leading countries in EMRAM. I am very pleased to be addressing to you here and celebrating this huge achievement with those who guided our country to a powerful leader position”.

Our Target is Stage 7 on our way to popularize digital hospitals!

Speaking at the conference where sessions and workshops were held, moderated by the Ministry of Health, HIMSS and executives, academicians and IT specialists from private sector, AKGÜN Group Board President Temel AKGÜN stated: “Our company, which has realized deep innovations in health sector for 29 years, delivers service to 20% of health institutions and organizations in Turkey. When we first began our operations, typewriters were used for internal and external documentation of hospitals. Personnel had deformation in their fingers due to intensive typing for collection and payments were out of balance due to slow and deficient execution of works. The hospitals were we installed full automation (in situ processing of all information) ensured payment balance after transition to computerized systems. Today, patients are able to see their own information through the e-pulse software created by the Ministry of Health and necessary information is submitted by firms with HBYS automation.  This means patient information is accessible at global scale. On the other hand, process efficiency of hospitals is evaluated by global HIMSS experts at EMRAM criteria level and in Turkey, 5 hospitals in the past and 6 hospitals in 2015 were accredited at Stage 6. Last year, Rize State Hospital and this year, Tirebolu State Hospital was accredited at Stage 6 by using AKGÜN software. I hereby congratulate Stage 6 hospital administrations and all those involved in the process and wish for continued success. All hospitals working with AKGÜN use the same HBYS program. Our hospitals are able to be accredited at Stage 6 in a team spirit with our company. Our company is ready to offer necessary support for both its own hospitals and others. Our company located in Ankara is a R&D Center registered by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. AKGÜN is one of 164 R&D centers in Turkey. Our aim is to facilitate human life and realize unique projects. We are currently working on 12 R&D projects. One of them is Computer Aided Diagnostic Project in Lung X-Ray images. We broke a new ground in medical service with this project. This project uses computer programs which would prevent missing out cancer. Our R&D project which we call Lung BDT presents overlooked nodules to the physician or the radiologist, prevents late intervention and allows early diagnosis of cancer. Our other project DICOM Compatible Breast Cancer Decision Support System Project would contribute to extending lifetime through early diagnosis of breast cancer. Production of this project has been completed and will be launched at the market in the following days.

Our company has standards, physical space, policies and labor qualification required for international competition.  Our company is a health informatics company which has become an international brand.

At the end of the conference, 6 public hospitals in Turkey which had been included in assessment in 2015 were declared to have reached stage 6 in digital hospital assessment and received their certifications with a ceremony. After group photo, the exhibition was closed.


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