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AKGUN participated in the Turkish Innovation Week Ankara 2016.  Congresium, ANKARA -4-5 May 2018)

Turkish Innovation Week Ankara 2016 event was held at Congresium in Ankara for 2 days with the attendance of worldwide renowned leaders, CEOs, experts and academicians working in the field of innovation, design, science, technology, marketing, R&D, education, business world and energy. At the event, which was realized for bringing international professionals, businessmen, academicians and university students that make a difference in Turkey together in Ankara and on a global scale with innovation-focused conference and exhibition, AKGUN introduced the Lung X-Ray Imaging Computer Assisted Diagnosis System and Breast Cancer Decision Support System Ground Breaking Projects in Early Diagnosis. 

Organized with the support of the Ministry of Economy and in collaboration with the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TAA) and Central Anatolia Exporters’ Association (CAEA),  “Turkish Innovation Week Ankara Activities” brought the youth, academicians and business world together. The light started by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TEA) in order for Turkey to achieve its goal of focusing on products with high-added value in production and export, continues in Ankara. At the “Turkish Innovation Week Ankara Activities”, which started in Ankara Congresium with the slogan “Unlimited Innovation, Unlimited Potential” and lasted for two days, world-renowned speakers provided the passwords of radical innovation to the students, academicians, business and political world. Addressing the importance of Turkish Innovation Week activities, TAE President Mehmet Büyükekşi emphasized that they aimed to become first in innovation and the youth was the biggest motivation for this. Büyükekşi said that “Our aim is to create a new ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship and make room for our 13 million young population. Attendance to our events is increasing each year. We hope that our country will discover its own potential and  innovative thinking will become widespread thanks to this.”

“AIM IS TO RECEIVE MORE SHARE FROM THE WORLD TRADE” Participating in the activities, Minister of Economy Mustafa Eltaş emphasized that rules in trade have changed and what is different and makes human life easier is in the forefront. Minister Elitaş said “Our exporters tend towards branded products in order not to adversely affect the dynamics of global trade. They make R&D investments, design. These are efforts based on human resource. Speaking several languages, being capable of several computer programs is no longer sufficient, Seeing the future, catching up with the trends and having a vision is very important” and therefore drew attention to the importance of innovation. French Ambassador to Turkey Charles Fries addressed the scientific, industrial and cultural collaborations between two countries and drew attention to the investments of French brands operating in Turkey.


AKGUN Chairman of the Board of Directors, Temel AKGUN said in his speech to the press member that “One of the most important factors behind the high success of AKGUN in Turkey and our strong projects is high technology as well as the importance we attach to R&D.”

Saying that they will focus on new product groups to catch the striking growth in the global arena in also Turkey, AKGUN said that they spent a very successful year in 2016 when the 30th establishment anniversary of AKGUN and would work shoulder to shoulder for this. AKGUN continues his remarks with “We will support the sales of our innovative products that exhibit our difference in quality and competition. Our corporate culture, human resources and you are our biggest guarantee.”

Akgun also stated that  the year 2015 was a year of significant changes and talked about their radical innovations works carried out with a  goal to lead the change on the way to reach the better at all times.


Computer Assisted Diagnosis

(CAD) What is it ?

CAD is a system that determines the non-obvious areas for the radiologist (target diagnosis and pathologies) using image processing and artificial intelligence techniques in digital radiological images.

CAD is kind of a “spelling checker” for the radiologist and marks the necessary areas and, automatically or semi-automatically makes digital measurements and ultimately helps the radiologist to diagnose more cancer cases.

It helps the radiologist to establish the correct diagnosis in the lung X-ray images by detecting more cancer cases with the automatic nodule detection system developed to provide second opinion to the radiologists in lung x-ray images, improving the healthcare service provision and identifying the abnormalities to be missed by the radiologist. Accordingly as AKGUN Software, we have realized such a project with Tubitak support to help the early diagnosis of lung cancer.


With the Smart Breast Cancer Decision Support System developed with the SANTEZ support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and evaluating the detection of mass and micro-calcification in mammography images and whether they are benign/malignant, a new ground was broken in Turkey in computer assisted diagnosis.


  • to detect two significant abnormalities in breast cancer, namely masses and micro-calcifications (breast calcification),
  • to ensure that masses and micro-calcifications are evaluated in terms of being benign/malignant.

General Features of the System

  • to evaluate the locations of the masses and micro-calcifications and their possibility of being benign/malignant in %,
  • possibility of being used as training material in addition to being a diagnostic tool,
  • Flexible licensing feature (either for  a limited or unlimited period),
  • Integration with all brands of PACs.



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