Another First From AKGÜN: ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certification
Publish Date: 15.10.2017 | Last Update Date: 23.10.2017

AKGÜN which has been active in the information sector since 1986 becoming the symbol for quality and trust forming new values for its customers, serves over 400 corporate customers with customer satisfaction and quality of service both domestic and abroad simultaneously.

AKGÜN Group which has been a leader in innovations both in Turkey and abroad, has lead way for companies in the same sector once again by obtaining the TS ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate.  AKGÜN Group which provides global solutions with its quality standards and adds great value to customers by determining their needs from the start in order to offer them high technology solutions is crowing its achievements with the customer satisfaction management system.

Having successfully passed the inspections of the TSE, AKGÜN Group has obtained the TS ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate which is an international standard that provides guidelines for increasing customer satisfaction in all products and services offered to customers including planning, design, management, maintenance and development.

AKGÜN which has fulfilled all the requirements such as customer satisfaction policies, sharing the after sale process with customers defining all goals, authorization and responsibilities of this process, has earned to right to crown its work processes and work philosophy based on customer satisfaction that has been formed after a quarter century of constant communication with its customers, by obtaining the ISO 10002 certificate. Our customers, which are the most important member of the AKGÜN family, will have their satisfaction carried to a whole new level thanks to the ISO 10002  standard.

It is of upmost importance for the ISO 10002 customer satisfaction management system to evaluate, carryout the necessary steps to finalize the requests, wishes and complaints from all institutions and to follow through these processes. The ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System is a management approach that aims to create and improve long term relations with potential customers. This standard first of all proposes that an environment open to all feedback (including complaints) must be formed and that all complaints must be solved and customer service must be improved.

What Are The Benefits Of The ISO 10002 Customer Management System? 

  • Provides a path to be followed with customer feedback,
  • Improves employee awareness and care for customer complaints,
  • Exhibits the importance of customers,
  • Ensures customer satisfaction,
  • Provides solution options by preventing repeated complaints,
  • Provides the fairest approach to customer complaints treatment,
  • Provides the fairest approach to problems experienced with the customer,
  • Allows the determination of shortcomings to be improved by taking lessons from complaints,
  • Provide guidance on how to treat organizations in situations where customer complaints are encountered,
  • Ensuring that customer complaints are evaluated and solved as quickly as possible within the scope of confidentiality, resolving and responding to customer complaints by resolving them, adoption of all the principles that resolve customer complaints by our staff, constantly improving our service quality and avoiding mistakes repeatedly without proactive approach, complying with applicable legal oblations.

AKGÜN, which sees standardization as an irreplaceable part of success, is in possession of CMMI Level 3, National and Nato Secret Facility Security Clarence, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, ISO 13485 Medical Device Management System and other ISO and OHSAS certificates and Works in accordance with the PMI Project management methodology. Having integrated with the ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System, AKGÜN has carried its services to the upmost level.

AKGÜN has established systems that ensure the creation and control of necessary processes in order to ensure that products and services that we have provided overlap with customer expectations and that covers every stage from the design stage to production, marketing and after sales services and continually puts forward new developments. AKGÜN is an international company that possess the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to the market, customer needs and shifts in expectations, analyzes situations with data and statistics and uses these analysis in future decisions, uses resources to achieve customer satisfaction more efficiently, reduces service presentation costs and increases customer satisfaction.

AKGÜN Software views informatics as a necessity and indivisible part of the future. We work with the If people live well the World does well principle. It is for this reason that we will continue to work to reach a wider audience abroad with our products and solutions.

Because WE invest in the future to be successful.

Because we continue to invest in the future for you.



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