Health Solutions
  • hastanebilgisistemleri

    AKGÜN Hospital Information Systems

    HIS , Hospital Information Systems , health institutions and organizations , administrative, financial , reliable medical information electronically stored correctly , the security and privacy of data , ensuring...

  • GoruntuArsivleme

    AKGÜN Picture Archiving and Communication System ( PACS)

    PACS (Picture archiving and communication system), electronic storage of medical images , reading , distribution, and electronic media for the presentation of all the software and hardware units used...

  • PACS 3B

    AkPACS 3D (3B) Applications

    2B displays the image processing operation can be obtained by treatment with 3-D images , the resulting 3-D images on the cutting and removing, with the scope and detail...

  • radyolojibilgisistemi

    AKGÜN Radiology Information System

    Radiology Information System (RBS)is a web project produced independently of the other projects; run all by itself,  can be used and purchased. It has been developed for needed operations...

  • merkezilaboratuvar

    AKGÜN Central Laboratory Information System

    Public Health Laboratories, private laboratories and hospitals, Central Laboratory Information Management System with Web-based survey barcode can make requests via the internet. Requests that they follow and the results...

  • online laboratuvar

    AKGÜN Online Laboratory Information System

    In order to simplify the lives of your patients and customers you are given a shot AKGÜN Online Laboratory Information System, AKGÜN on-site staff in hospitals or private/public institutions within...

  • laboratuvarbilgisistemi

    AKGÜN Laboratory Information System

    AKGÜN Laboratory Information System provides features like: Printing of barcodes for requested tests Tracking of samples Tracking and registering approved results Provide full integration with Inventory and Billing Modules....

  • ailehekimligibilgisistemi

    AKGÜN Family Medicine Information System

    Citizens living in our country on the basis of the application of Family Medicine Health policy decision-makers in order to help create the database “DATA SYSTEMS SOFTWARE” had been...

  • KHB Veri Paylasimi

    AKGÜN CHB Data Sharing System

    Hastaneler arası Entegre uygulaması; Inter Hospital Integrated Application; If there are other hospitals in the patient’s record that the transactions examined by the doctor and the doctor used for...


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